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Show information to a specific target group, in the right place, at the right time. Digital signage is an essential part of the modern communication strategy of every organisation.

  • Always the right content on screens.
  • Suitable for practically any type of content.
  • Informs your target audience in an efficient manner.

What can GoBright Digital Signage mean for you?

Discover your Benefits

Benefits for Users

View important and insightful information on screens throughout your office building.

  • User-friendly

    Work within the same GoBright Portal as for the other GoBright solutions.

  • Stay up-to-date

    Stay informed on different types of information at all times, such as train schedules and planned meetings.

  • Route your visitors

    Show your visitors the way through the building with Wayfinding, including Room Booking details.

Benefits for Employers

Display information on screens directed to your target group, at the right place, at the right time.

  • Unique possibilities

    Data from other GoBright solutions can be shown directly on displays.

  • Custom-made designs

    Create slides in your own corporate identity for recognisability and professionalism.

  • Direct communication

    Communicate specific messages or information directly throughout the entire building.

GoBright Digital Signage features

GoBright Digital Signage software is an essential part of the modern communication strategy of every organisation.

API Extension to Extract Data from GoBright Platform

All on the same Platform

GoBright Digital Signage is more than a standard digital signage solution. This software is part of the broad GoBright Platform, which means that functional data can be planned and displayed easily and efficiently on the screens at the office.

  • Online Portal;
  • Microsoft Teams integration
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GoBright - Digital Signage - Wayfinding

Your guide through the building

Navigate the building with ease using GoBright Wayfinding. It displays real-time room occupancy and helps you locate meeting rooms and upcoming meetings. Place Wayfinding in reception or on each floor’s entrance for effortless building navigation by colleagues, customers, or visitors. Integrate Wayfinding with Digital Signage software and get the maximum result with this powerful combination.

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GoBright View - Digital Signage - Narrowcasting

Standard widgets

A standard widget is an information block that consists of ‘fixed ‘ or ‘dynamic’ content.

  • Fixed content such as texts, images, and videos;
  • Dynamic content such as weather forecasts, clock, traffic reports and current news.
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GoBright View - Digital Signage - Narrowcasting - Custom Widgets

Create your own widgets

A custom widget is an information block that consists of ‘customer specific’ content. Custom widgets are programmed and often linked to the companies own IT systems.

  • Program your own widgets linked to for example SharePoint, Power BI, and planning tools;
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript is required.
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GoBright Digital Signage on Android Displays

Automatically adjusting slides

A slide is a template to post the desired widgets. Responsive slides means that the slides adjust themselves to different screen resolutions. They even adjust themselves vertically (portrait) or horizontally (landscape). Making new slides is easy and intuitive.

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GoBright - Digital Signage System - Cafetaria School Menu

Create your own playlists

A playlist consists out of one or more slides. The slides are planned on the playlist on a specific time or order.

  • Plannable on one, several, or all screens in the building;
  • Plannable at one or multiple repetitive times, and dates.
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Hogeschool Zeeland - Narrowcasting (GoBright Digital Signage)

Divide your screen in zones

Various playlists can be shown at the same time on one single display.

  • Provides even more flexibility in content planning;
  • Ideal to combine with fixed and dynamic content.
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GoBright View - digital signage at a modern workplace

Use channels for different types of content

Switching between different channels.

  • Works automatically in case of emergency;
  • Switch channels by touching a display.
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GoBright View - Digital Signage - Narrowcasting

Compatible with different partners

Certain hardware from brands such as ProDVX, Philips, IAdea, LG, and Yealink are certified for the use of GoBright Digital Signage.

The software is compatible with both Android and WebOS operating systems.

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GoBright Analytics in a Data Driven Office

Make data-driven decisions for your flexible office

Unlock the potential of your Flexible Office space with GoBright Analytics. It offers real-time occupancy insights based on all types of bookings and check-ins. Discover your office’s occupancy and make informed, data-driven decisions for efficient workplaces. Maximise space utilisation and save costs along the way. Show the results on any of your Digital Signage displays throughout the office using GoBright Analytics or Power BI.

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GoBright - Integration and compatibility Microsoft PowerBI

Make informed decisions in a truly data-driven workplace

You can leverage GoBright Analytics by importing data into Microsoft Power BI dashboards, unlocking interactive, eye-opening reports. Gain invaluable insights on room and desk occupancy for office redesign. Combine data from various sources like climate control and security. Show the reports made in Power BI on your preferred Digital Signage display.

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Wayfinding met GoBright Room Booking

You never get a second chance for a good first impression

Digital signage enhances the visitor experience at our office. Informative content, news updates, company information etc. ease waiting times, while for example Wayfinding software offers clear directions to meeting rooms. Branded videos and photos create a welcoming and engaging environment, leaving a positive impression of your company.

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GoBright Visitor Management System - digital reception - visitor registration system - visitor management

Invite and welcome guests to your meeting

Today’s office is a hub for collaboration and meetings. To make visitors feel welcome, GoBright’s Visitor Registration System ensures a professional greeting, whether you have a staffed or unmanned reception area. By digitally registering guests and offering self-check-in, your reception area becomes efficient and secure. Show important information on the Digital Signage displays around the reception area.

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Digital Signage Integrations

To stimulate collaboration and communication integrating the right tools is essential. GoBright offers integrations with Microsoft and Google Workspace tools, ensuring user-friendliness and time-saving. Workspace bookings synchronise seamlessly through all platforms.

GoBright also integrates with smart lockers and clever widgets for digital signage, delivering an accurate, complete, and insightful system.

How our customers' workflow has improved with GoBright Digital Signage

GoBright - Digital Signage - De Variabele 3

Overcome any communication challenge with digital signage software

  • 200+ employees
  • Challenge: optimising internal communication
  • Digital Signage
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GoBright - Polimi Graduate School of Management - Case Story - Education - Digital Signage

Smart working environment, with accurate occupancy data

  • 3000+ students yearly
  • Challenge: allow space management and inform teachers and students
  • Room, Desk, and Parking Booking, Wayfinding, Digital Signage
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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ's about Digital Signage to find quick answers to common queries about our products and services.

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What is digital signage?

Digital Signage, also called narrowcasting, is one or more screens displaying information directed to a specific target group, at the right place and at the right time. It is...

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Why is digital signage important?

Digital signage has shown time and time again that it works. It is an effective way of conveying messages to your target group, as it can be updated and...

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What is digital signage used for?

Digital signage can be used to communicate in within any organisation, such as schools, restaurants or retail, offices, community places, and even churches. Its main goal is to communicate...

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What are examples of content on digital signage in offices?

Digital Signage can be used to communicate a variety of messages. A few examples are:   Wayfinding You can help your visitors and employees navigate through the building with Wayfinding. This...

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Why should I use GoBright Digital Signage Software?

There are many different digital signage solutions. With the major part, you will most likely be able to realise your communication wishes just fine. GoBright Digital Signage, however, has...

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