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GoBright aims for success in all areas. For our customers and partners it is important they have the right support at all times. Our Business Success team is a collective of individuals working around the clock to bring you the best advice when working with GoBright.

  • Legal and Council.
  • Customer Success.
  • Administration.
GoBright - Business Success - Jan Maurice - Gonnie - Bianca

GoBright's success managers

At GoBright, our customers have the highest priority. We want to make sure we offer the right support to everyone that needs is.  Our Business Success team does just that. This team is split into three sections, each supporting customers of every kind with the right information.

  • Legal and Council makes sure that upcoming customers and partners have correct contracts. Everything is played by the rules at GoBright. As we are ISO 9001 certified, we value Quality Management highly. We want the same for the people working with us.
  • Customer Success keeps in touch with exisiting customers daily. Are they happy with the Solutions they have c chosen? Do they need additional licences or products? How was the implementation process? Are there questions left? Our Customer Success Manager is your contact point with GoBright.
  • Administrations checks licences, opens environments and ensures invoices are sent out in time. They are just as important for you as they are for us. Our Administrative Specialists make sure your hardware ships out in time and arrives on destination as agreed to.
Gobright Team - Adam and Mathilde

Keep challenging yourself. Every day you can learn something valuable and new.

business success GoBright Team

meet the team - business success

GoBright - Customer Success Manager - Adam
GoBright - Team - Employees - Customer Success Manager - Anne
GoBright Team Default
GoBright Team Default
GoBright - Team - Employees - Customer Success Manager - Anne

Get in contact with Anne,
our Customer Success Manager.

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