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Ease of use

People want technology to make their work easier. User-friendliness and easy installation are therefore key. Users do not want a whole variety of systems: they just want the best tools on the market to work together. Technology only works if the people understand how to work with it. This is why we prioritise giving our solutions an intuitive design.

The power of GoBright

Discover how GoBright makes working in a Smart Workplace easier.

  • Intuitive design

    No need to train employees to use GoBright. They will pick it up in no-time.

  • Quick installation

    Installation of GoBright software is easy and quick. Our Help Center supports you wherever necessary.

  • One look, one system

    All GoBright solutions can be managed from one platform for a uniform look and feel.

  • Clear visibility

    Have a quick overview of employees and availability of workplaces.

  • Various Integrations

    We integrate with tools such as Microsoft, Google Workspace, and several FMIS-systems.

  • Report issues

    Users can easily report issues with their desk or meeting room via the software.

GoBright Room Booking - ROI for the Hybrid Workplace
GoBright Desk Booking - Booking via Mobile App

Everything in one system

GoBright is the number one user-friendly software for Smart Workplace Solutions. We are all about making office life easier, and our solutions are designed to streamline your day-to-day activities and boost productivity. GoBright offers solutions for Room Booking, Desk Booking, Visitor Management, and Digital Signage, which can all be managed from the same GoBright Platform.

The solutions are scalable to your workplace’s needs, at anytime. You pick and choose which solutions you want to use, and we will do the rest. Would you like some personal advice? We are happy to help.

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GoBright - Outlook - Teams - Integration

Microsoft Integrations

Microsoft is the most popular and complete set of office programmes in the entire world. Users do not want a whole variety of systems: they just want the best tools on the market to work together. This is why we have developed integrations with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, PowerBI, and EntraID. Of course, every booking made with GoBright is visible in your Microsoft calendars, and vice versa.


Microsoft Teams & Outlook integration

The full GoBright Platform can be accessed from within Microsoft Teams and Outlook. This means you can manage Room Bookings, Workspace Bookings, Visitors and Digital Signage all from within your Microsoft environment. Your full working day, planned down to the last detail.

GoBright Analytics in a Data Driven Office

Understand your employees

Today, people do not come to the office to clock in and out. They do it because they want to collaborate in a space where they can work best. So how do you ensure that your office is meeting the needs of your employees? By using the power of data, you can gain valuable insights into employee behaviour and preferences. Collect important information with workplace analytics, and start redesigning the office to fit your workforce.

Besides increasing employee satisfaction, this may even help you save costs. Sparked your interest? Learn about the Return of Investment of workplace analytics.

More about the Data-Driven Office
GoBright - Week Planner - Collaboration

Week Planner

With the Week Planner, people can indicate where they work throughout the week and view the whereabouts of their colleagues. It provides employees with an overview of the office’s occupancy, and when team members expect to be at the office. They can use this information to plan their own workweek, organise live meetings, and get the most out of their workday. Enhance productivity and collaboration with the GoBright Week Planner.

Learn more about the Week Planner

Read about other solutions

Returning to the Office, or implementing Hybrid Working by using Smart Office Solutions, forces you to think about creating a better Employee Experience and a Sustainable Office.

Discover how other companies optimised their workflow with our smart office technology

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