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Visitor Management

Whether you have a busy reception area, or an unmanned lobby, with GoBright’s Visitor Management Software your guests are welcomed immediately.

  • Accelerate the flow of people at the counter;
  • Shorten the waiting time;
  • Stimulate a punctual appearance.

What can GoBright Visitor Management mean for you?

Discover your Benefits

Benefits for Users

A professional and warm welcome for all your visitors.

  • Professional reception

    Receive your guests professionally with a digital reception, complete with badge printing.

  • Shorter waiting time for guests

    Employees are instantly notified when their guests have arrived. This way, guests don't have to wait until their host has been contacted.

  • Quick registration process

    Save time by pre- and self-registration of your visitors.

Benefits for Employers

Fast, safe, and secure management of visitors.

  • Efficiency

    Pre- and self-registration allows for the receptionist to spend their time on other tasks.

  • GDPR-proof

    All data is securely stored in the Portal, according to the European Union's GDPR legislation.

  • Realtime overview

    Accurate overview of visitors in the building at any time of the day.

GoBright Visitor Management Features

GoBright Visitor Management is a visitor management system and check-in solution. Use one or multiple screens in your reception area, depending on the number of visitors you welcome each day.

GoBright Desk Booking - Portal

Unique booking and reception software for flexible workspaces

The GoBright Platform empowers employees to make bookings and registrations based on their preferences, enhancing collaboration in flexible workspaces. You can also gain valuable insights into office space utilisation.

  • Online Portal;
  • Mobile App;
  • Microsoft Teams integration;
  • Outlook Plugin
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Gobright Visitor Registration Software - Welcome your guests

Pre-register your guests

When guests are pre-registered, they receive a QR-code in the invitation. The visitor scans this QR-code upon arrival and all their details are stored in the Online Portal. The host of the meeting automatically receives a text message or email notifying that the guest has arrived. The receptionist knows upfront who to expect, so they can print badges in advance.

  • No unnecessary queues at the counter;
  • Receptionist does not need to track down phone numbers or colleagues;
  • Add directions, safety instructions or a health check to your invite;
  • Completely paperless.
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Visitor Registration - IAdea & GoBright

Do your own checking-in

Visitors enter the building without a pre-registration invite and register themselves on the spot, by following the steps on the screen. They fill in the requested information, such as name and email. They look up the name of the employee they are visiting, accept any safety instructions and check in. The host of the meeting automatically receives a text message or email saying the guest has arrived.

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Vitelia - GoBright Digital Visitor Registration

Customise your digital reception

Customise the template of the Visitor Management System’s registration display and the email, according to your corporate identity.

  • Add directions, safety instructions or a health check to your invite;
  • Pre-set your preferred language;
  • Specify the information you need from your visitor.
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GoBright Visit - digital reception - visitor management

We partner with worldwide known manufacturers

The user experience of our software is even better when it is applied to high quality hardware. Certain hardware from brands such as ProDVX, Philips, IAdea, LG, and Yealink are certified for the use of GoBright Visitor Management.

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GoBright Visitor Registration - Unigarant - 001

Personalised badge for your visitor

Badge printing is an optional product that helps you increase the visibility of your visitors within the building. Print badges with your own design, logo, colours, the name of your visitor and a QR-code. It’s even possible to personalise the badge with a photo in the Visitor Management System.

After the meeting a simple badge scan allows the visitor to check out of the building. One-time visitors return their badge at the reception desk. Returning visitors can keep their badge and use it again on their next visit. This speeds up the check-in process even more, which is ideal for suppliers, for example.

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Visitor registration with GoBright Visit

You never get a second chance for a good first impression

Digital Signage enhances the visitor experience at our office. Informative content, news updates, company information etc. ease waiting times, while for example Wayfinding software offers clear directions to meeting rooms. Branded videos and photos create a welcoming and engaging environment, leaving a positive impression of your company.

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Wayfinding met GoBright Room Booking

Your guide through the building

Navigate your guests through the building with ease using GoBright Wayfinding. It displays real-time room occupancy and helps them locate meeting rooms and upcoming meetings. Place Wayfinding in reception or on each floor’s entrance for effortless building navigation by colleagues, customers, or visitors. Integrate Wayfinding with Digital Signage software and get the maximum result with this powerful combination.

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Visitor Management Integrations

To stimulate collaboration and communication integrating the right tools is essential. GoBright offers integrations with Microsoft and Google Workspace tools, ensuring user-friendliness and time-saving. Workspace bookings synchronise seamlessly through all platforms.

GoBright also integrates with smart lockers and clever widgets for digital signage, delivering an accurate, complete, and insightful system.

Discover how our customers' workflow has improved with GoBright Visitor Management System

GoBright Room Booking - Dutch Railways - Nederlandse Spoorwegen - NS - building

Optimised meetings with smart room booking

  • 1800+ employees
  • Challenge: Streamline meeting room booking process
  • Room Booking and Visitor Registration
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Orange Cyberdefense GoBright Hybrid Working solutions cantine

Ready for the future of the office with GoBright Smart Office solutions

  • 1500+ employees
  • Challenge: designing a social office environment
  • Room and Desk Booking and Visitor Registration
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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ's to find quick answers to common queries about our products and services.

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What is a visitor management system?

Visitor management is any set of activities that helps organisations keep track of people that visit the location. While some organisations are satisfied with only collecting names, other organisations...

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Why is a visitor management system important?

First and foremost, a sufficient visitor management system provides an organisation with a certain level of security. Knowing exactly who is within your building at any time can help...

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What information can I show a visitor on screen?

While checking in, a visitor can be informed of the safety instructions or Covid-19 measures etc. You can also ask the visitor to confirm having read and accepted the...

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How long is all data stored?

According to the GDPR legislation, data may be stored if it is kept for legitimate purposes. The company (facility management) decides how long they store the data in the...

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Which badge printers can I connect with the Visitor Registration software?

There are a couple of options for printing badges directly from the Visitor Registration kiosk. You can find the solutions here.

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