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Hot Desking

Work flexibly by offering multiple workers a single workplace during the day.

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What can GoBright Hot Desking mean for you?

Benefits for users

Seek out a desk in the office that suits to your personal needs and work efficiently.

  • GoBright App & Portal

    Find and book your perfect workplace.

  • Occupancy

    Know exactly which desks are available at the office.

  • Behaviour-based

    Create a workplace matching employee behaviour.

  • Collaboration & Connection

    Stay in touch in the flexible workplace.

Benefits for Employers

Offer an flexible workplace and get ready for the employee of the future and their demands.

  • Happy Employees

    Agile and boundless working.

  • Repurpose the office

    Design the office according to what employees really need.

  • Data-driven decisions

    Measure and analyse real-time data for 100% accurate insights.

  • User-friendly

    Create a smart environment that is easy to use.


To make sure that all of your employees are able to communicate with each other, you need to have tools that communicate, too. Using tools with the right integrations is therefore key. GoBright has invested in integrations with common Microsoft tools, such as Teams, Entra ID, Outlook, and PowerBI.

GoBright Hot Desking Features

An important element is understanding how the office can be efficiently used by employees, based on their preferences. With Hot Desking, multiple employees can use a single desk during different time periods.

GoBright Desk Booking - Portal

Take flexible working to the next level

Book and check the occupation status of workplaces within seconds via the GoBright App or the Online Portal. Anytime, anywhere, any place.

  • Online Portal
  • Mobile App
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Mapping upgrade -- increase size and details

Give employees a visual display of the entire office

Check the availability of meeting rooms, desks, lockers, and parking spaces anywhere in and around your office. When available, book anything you need. It is an interactive map that provides up-to-date information, based on bookings, check-ins and desk/room detection.

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GoBright Interact - new hardware device for Room Booking and Desk Booking

World-class reservation device

The Interact is a versatile and interactive hardware device developed by GoBright that can be used for both Room Booking and Desk Booking. It allows the user to create detailed bookings and view existing bookings.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Set preferences and review bookings
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GoBright Smart Office Solutions that support Hybrid Working in the future of the office - GoBright Connect

Personalised working

The Connect is a unique piece of hardware that can be built in any desk. With the Connect you control your desk and create your own personal space.

  • Effortless checking in/out
  • Load your personal settings into the device
  • Availability and visibility
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GoBright - Hardware - Glow - Desk occupation status

Create visibility in the office

The Glow is a device that shows the occupancy of a workspace with LED-lighting. It can be mounted anywhere, for example on monitors, for perfect visibility at the office. It is connected with the GoBright Connect.

NFC sticker - GoBright hardware

Simple and easy

If you’re looking for a fast and affordable solution for checking in and out at a desk and for occupancy measuring, the NFC sticker is the way to go.

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GoBright - Book Your Parking Spot

Book a parking spot

Start your day well by finding and booking a parking spot for your vehicle.

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GoBright Week Planner in laptop - 2024

Master your week with the new Week Planner feature

With the Week Planner you not only indicate how and where you work yourself, but you also have an immediate overview of the whereabouts of your colleagues. The ultimate goal of the Week Planner is to provide employees with more insights into the planning of their colleagues; to improve productivity and collaboration.

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GoBright Analytics in a Data Driven Office

Track workplace utilisation and make data-driven decisions

Collect data on your office’s occupancy through analytics, and make data-driven decisions for your future office space.

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GoBright Work - Desk Booking - auto check-in via sensor2

Collect 100% accurate data

Adding desk sensors to your office’s Hot Desking System optimises the solution. It brings many advantages and simplifies the process for employees and employers.

  • The desk sensor registers movement and heat. Empty desks are automatically freed up after the user leaves.
  • The desk sensor sends the desk status to the Portal, Mobile App and Mapping automatically

Discover how other companies optimised their workflow with GoBright

Digiteq Automotive - A Volkswagen Group company

Desk Booking for managing the office's occupancy

  • 550+ employees
  • Challenge: regulating the amount of employees at the office
  • Desk Booking
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GoBright - Case Study - CHG-MERIDIAN - Desk Booking

Workplace management as a tool to improve the office’s occupancy

  • 1300+ employees
  • Challenge: more employees than floorspace
  • Room and Desk Booking
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What is hot desking?

Hot Desking is a way of flexible working. Most people don’t need the same desk every day, all day long. As a result, desks often remain unused for...

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What are the advantages of hot desking?

More and more offices are introducing hot desking into their work culture. At the core of hot desking is the elimination of personal desks. This means that employees work...

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How do I implement hot desking successfully?

Hot desking is currently trending among businesses and is an indispensable aspect of the Office of the Future. It can be quite challenging to switch from a workplace...

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Is hot desking Covid-19 proof?

As people will start sharing desks, it is logical that you want to know whether this is a responsible way of working considering the coronavirus. As with any other...

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