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Hybrid working

Hybrid working makes effective working in- and outside the office possible. It is possible by understanding the interactions people have and combining those with technology.

  • Flexible use of space.
  • Facilitating different needs.
  • Technological implementations.

What to expect from a hybrid office

Hybrid Working is the perfect opportunity for companies to explore what their employees expect of their work environment and reinvent the office.

  • Employee types

    Understand the type of workers your company has and facilitate them.

  • Utilising space

    Design and furnish your office space as efficient and flexible as possible.

  • Technology

    Use smart technology and tools to stimulate a Hybrid office character.

  • Workplace Analytics

    Use data and analytics based on behaviour to optimise the workplace.

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Flexibility: Employee Types & Utilising Space

Every organisation has different types of employees who require different environments to work in. Flexibility is therefore essential to working hybrid. It starts with understanding the types of workers your company has. If you have established this, then you can shape your office environment in such a way that it facilitates everybody.


Flexible Working

Office workers, part-timers, sales personnel, installation teams… Every organisation has a variety of employees. Some like to work at the office daily. Others are rarely at the office because they are on the road a lot, meeting customers. Or they just prefer to work from home a few days per week. Then there are also employees who mostly work in project teams who need a good and functional meeting room, or creative brainstorming area. The art of creating an efficient Hybrid Working environment is to be as flexible as possible. Create an array of different and adaptable spaces at your office to ensure that every worker is provided with what they need. Examples can be modular furniture, room dividers, mobile desks, soundproof work pods, but also (video) conferencing tools, wireless presenting solutions or desk booking and room booking systems.

GoBright has the best software and hardware solutions that contribute to an effectively use of office space.

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The Impact of Hybrid Working on the Workforce

With Hybrid Working comes flexibility. When designing your personal workday/workweek, people often feel their private,- and work life is much better balanced. This positively influences productivity and involvement between employees. Flexibility gives the employer a positive and pleasant character that moves along with modern developments. It also has influence on the HR-department of an organisation. By providing the flexibility of working from home, people call in sick less.

A Hybrid Office environment furthermore influences potential employees and talent. People are attracted to a modern, flexible and pleasant environment and with Hybrid Working this is ensured. Attracting new talent becomes easier as they can work from home or from other locations. This means less commute time and stress, contributing to a positive employee workplace experience.

GoBright wins Hybrid Working Solutions Award

Creating a hybrid office with GoBright

GoBright offers endless possibilities to use the workplace in a smarter and more efficient way.

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Returning to the Office, or implementing Hybrid Working by using Smart Office Solutions, forces you to think about creating a better Employee Experience and a Sustainable Office.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Hybrid Working

Explore our FAQ's to find quick answers to common queries about our products, solutions, and services.

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Hybrid Working is a flexible working model where employees work partly in the physical office space and partly remotely (at home or any other chosen location). The idea...

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Why is hybrid working important?

That Hybrid Working is an important and relevant matter is proven by the fact that it is currently a C-level priority within many organisations.  The hybrid model fits...

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What are the challenges when implementing Hybrid Working?

It is important that employers keep communicating with employees and that they pay extra attention to the behavior, wishes and wellbeing of employees. The hybrid office must be set...

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How do you manage the hybrid workplace?

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What is the impact of hybrid work on the workforce?

Hybrid Working automatically comes with flexibility and autonomy. When designing your personal workday/workweek, people often feel their private,- and work life is much better balanced. Being happy and...

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