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It is our goal to make life at the office smarter, easier and more efficient. Our platform provides ways for employers and employees to manage their room & desk bookings, their visitor registrations and communication with digital signage. We offer a digital solution which is cloud-based.

With our platform we inevitably collect and produce data. This is partly anonymous data as well as personal data. Personal data can be linked to people or companies. For example your name, email address, and also all reservations that have been made by you in our portal. Company information, IP addresses or other technical information can be used to make integrations with other company software programs. For example your companies scheduling tool. Anonymous data cannot be linked to any person. This is for example information about occupancy rates of a room or desk, that is measured with our sensors. Facility managers use these data to analyze the total use and occupation of the desks and rooms. With this information he determines how much office space the employer really needs, which desks or meeting rooms are used the most, or how many visitors are present in the building (in case of an emergency) etc.

Processing personal data is also important to you because it gives you access to the GoBright portal or mobile app. This way you can make reservations in our system and have an overview of your past and future reservations.

Handle with care

We believe it is very important to handle your data carefully. It is our responsibility to keep all data secure and to handle them according to the privacy laws (e.g. GDPR proof). Protecting your data makes sense to us and goes without saying.  GoBright has no ownership over your data. Our platform only processes your data and we are not allowed to copy or sell any data or to change things in the platform without your consent. The customer is always in control of his own data.

Legally defined

The GoBright products are offered as SaaS (software-as-a-service) and are governed by our ‘Terms and Conditions’ for Distributors and by our ‘License Subscription Agreement’ and ‘Data Processing Agreement’ for the end users. All information about data security can be found in these documents. You can download them on this page. When using the GoBright licenses, products and services you also accept that the terms and agreements below are applicable.

Legal Documents – End User

License Subscription Agreement (LSA) Download
Data Processing Agreement (DPA) Download


Legal Documents – Distributor

Terms and Conditions Download


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