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GoBright Hardware

Enhance your workplace experience with GoBright Hardware.

  • Memory function for height-adjustable desks.
  • 100% accurate insights into office occupancy.
  • Improved visibility of availability throughout the office.

What can GoBright hardware mean for you?

Discover your Benefits

Benefits for Users

Create an optimal experience at the office.

  • Improved visibility

    Enhance visibility of workplace availability throughout the office.

  • Extra functions

    Use the hardware to adjust desk heights and to report issues.

  • Easy booking

    Make ad hoc bookings easier by checking in on the hardware.

Benefits for Employers

Optimise the workflow at your office.

  • Accurate occupancy information

    Sensors measure your office occupancy with 100% accuracy.

  • Solve issues

    View issues reported via the hardware and solve them quickly.

  • Optimal use of office space

    Hardware enables an easy and optimised booking process.

GoBright - Hardware - Connect and Glow - Desk Booking - Desk Management

Quick overview

Download this factsheet for an easy overview of the different types of GoBright Hardware.

GoBright - Interact - Room Booking and Desk Booking

The GoBright Interact

The Interact is an interactive hardware device that can be used for both Room Booking and Desk Booking. Thanks to its touch screen, users are able to make bookings ad hoc and for a specific timeslot.

  • LED-lighting to show occupancy status;
  • Memory function for adjusting a desk’s height to pre-set user information;
  • QR-code to report issues with room or desk;
  • Works on both Wi-Fi and Ethernet (with PoE support);
  • Compatible with LINAK, and expected as of Q4 2024 also Jiecang, and LOGICDATA;
  • Built in sensor;
  • Cost-friendly alternative to Room Panels.
Learn more about the Interact
Easy desk booking with connect

The GoBright Connect

The Connect is a unique piece of hardware that can be built into any desk. The Connect has a glass top, and is water-resistant.

  • LED-lighting to show occupancy status;
  • Memory function for adjusting a desk’s height to pre-set user information;
  • Can be installed in the desk, or on top of it with the Caddy;
  • Needs a gateway for internet access;
  • Compatible with LINAK;
Learn more about the Connect
GoBright - Hardware - Glow - Desk occupation status

The GoBright Glow

The Glow is a small piece of hardware that can be mounted on monitors or desk dividers. Its LED-lighting shows the desk’s occupation status, and corresponds with the connecting piece of hardware. Can’t find your desk? Simply use the ‘Find my desk’-feature and the Glow at your workspace will start blinking. Glow is compatible with both the Interact and Connect.

Learn more about the Glow
GoBright Work - Desk Booking - auto check-in via sensor2


The use of sensors makes data accurate, reliable, and measurable. This is an important aspect of a Smart Office. Sensors register every desk or room occupation and make this visible within the GoBright Portal, even if the workspace is being used without a booking. Similarly, when you leave your workplace earlier than expected and forget to check out, the sensor will detect it is no longer in use and will release the desk or room for other colleagues. Sensors measure the occupancy with 100% certainty, and ensures optimal usage of the office. With this type of information, you can adjust the amount of software licenses you use to your office’s needs.

We offer various types of room and desk sensors that operate in different ways to accommodate measurements based on your preferences and needs.

Learn more about sensors

The GoBright Products

The GoBright Hardware should be used in combination with GoBright Room Booking or Desk Booking.

How our customers' workflow has improved with GoBright Hardware

GoBright - Municipality Noardeast-Fryslân

Focussing on collaboration in an Activity Based Workplace

  • 600+ employees
  • Challenge: Boost collaboration and connection at the workplace
  • Room Booking, Desk Booking and Map Viewer
View complete case
Digiteq Automotive - A Volkswagen Group company

Desk Booking for managing the office's occupancy

  • 550+ employees
  • Challenge: regulating the amount of employees at the office
  • Desk Booking
View complete case
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can the GoBright Connect control height-adjustable desks?

Yes! When your height-adjustable desks have a Linak actuator system for work desks, it can be controlled with our Connect via the desk booking software. You can...

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What do sensors add to the GoBright experience?

With Room sensors and Desk sensors you get 100% accurate occupancy data, making it even more transparent how many rooms or desks are used and how they are used....

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How does the desk sensor work?

Besides measuring movement accurately, the sensors also detect body heat. This means that even when you sit very still at your desk, the sensor will know and report that...

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