GoBright Smart Office Solutions that support Hybrid Working in the future of the office

Smart Office

The future workplace is a secure, healthy, and technologically advanced environment.

  • Work smarter, not harder.
  • Discover opportunities to maximise space efficiency.
  • Working, collaborating, meeting, connecting, and being inspired.
GoBright Smart Office Solutions that support Hybrid Working in the future of the office


The future workplace is a flexible office, where smart technologies (software and hardware) are applied to improve comfort, efficiency, and productivity amongst employees, and help you understand their behaviour. Smart office solutions provide insights, security, and access to relevant information. A smart workplace makes flexible working possible and can easily and flexibly respond to other modern ways of working and collaboration.

What to expect from smart office solutions

Smart software technology is important to create a productive, efficient, and flexible workplace. GoBright has the perfect solutions to create a Smart & Hybrid Office.

  • Productivity and Collaboration

    With the help of technology, working together becomes much easier, even at distance.

  • Improving health and safety

    Smart technology can manage health & safety topics that are important to your employees and HR.

  • Data and Analytics

    Analytics based on data can help to understand user behaviour and preferences.

  • Return on investment

    The Return on Investment (ROI) in a Smart Office is unmatched.

GoBright Smart Office Solutions that support Hybrid Working in the future of the office - Wayfinding
GoBright Smart Office Solutions that support Hybrid Working in the future of the office - Check In via GoBright Connect

Why is a smart office important?

Smart workplace solutions are important to create a productive and efficient workplace. In the future workplace more work can be done in less time when people have smart tools to help them do so. An ecosystem of platforms, connections and technological solutions is essential for more comfort, safety and ease in the office.

Productivity and Collaboration

Using smart technology gives employees control over their work environment. It helps them to work autonomous and make their own choices, to share facilities in the office and to get insights into the overall usage of those facilities. Examples such as effortless video conferencing, easy desk- and room booking and internal communications systems all lead to improved employee wellbeing, increased productivity and better collaboration.

Improving Health & Safety

Smart technology can manage health and safety topics such as sanitation and ventilation, but also the mental security of knowing what to expect once you arrive at the office. ‘Do I have a booked and cleaned desk to work at?’

With GoBright’s Room Booking and Desk Booking software employees can book a suitable space to work at in advance; decreasing stress and worries. The GoBright Connect indicates if the desk needs to be cleaned, with the purple setting, or if  it is available and safe to work at. And, with the Connect you can easily and automatically switch between standing or sitting while working, making exercise part of your normal working routine.

Smart Office software gives employees and visitors the certainty they need.

Workplace Analytics and Management with GoBright

Return on Investment with Smart Office Solutions

A Smart Office gives space for growth, increased productivity and even cost savings. Besides that, being sustainably aware and creating a positive employee experience can be realised as well. The Return on Investment (ROI) when implementing Smart Office solutions is various.

Reduce costs on floor space

With the actual occupancy rate of meeting rooms and desks you can see how much office space is needed in the long-term. Based on this information you can decide to reduce your office space significantly by moving to another building, or renting out space to others. This is a sustainable way to lower energy consumption and save costs on rent.

Sustainable Offices with Smart Technology

The office contributes to the office durability and sustainability working with smart technology tools that regulate energy, extend the equipment lifespan, and promote hybrid working. For example, When using GoBright Room Booking, in combination with Room Control and Room Sensors, the AV equipment and lighting are only used when the room is occupied. Electronics switch on and off automatically when entering/leaving the room. Our software even has a ‘night mode’ with which the screens are automatically switched off outside working hours. The ROI in the Smart Office is about saving money in various ways with the help of technology.

Healthy Working in the future office

Smart Offices can also provide ROI regarding sick leave. A healthy working environment where employees are happy and content creates loyal employees who call in sick less. They are less likely to switch to another employer, making the investment even more worthwhile.

Creating a Smart Office with GoBright

GoBright offers endless possibilities to use the workplace in a smarter and more efficient way.

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Returning to the Office, or implementing Hybrid Working by using Smart Office Solutions, forces you to think about creating a better Employee Experience and a Sustainable Office.

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