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GoBright integrations for Digital Signage

Digital Signage is an essential part of the modern communication strategy of every organisation. Anything is possible using GoBright.

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Digital Signage, adjusted to your needs

At GoBright, we have a variety of standard integrations for Digital Signage, such as our own Wayfinding, Active Directory, Sharepoint, news and weather forecasts… the list goes on.

We understand that Digital Signage is an integral part of any business’ communication. Therefore it must be able to show the right content at the right time, requiring the solution to be flexible and adaptable. This is why GoBright offers the service to create widgets and integrations personalised to the customer’s needs.

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Digital Signage in education

By implementing a digital signage solution into your school’s infrastructure, you can keep your students informed about a variety of things. It enhances communication, engagement, and overall school operations. GoBright Digital Signage integrates with popular scheduling tools such as Zermelo and GP Untis.  Want to know how you can apply digital signage to your school’s operations?

Digital Signage in schools

Our standard integrations for digital signage

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The advantages of digital signage integrations

The right content at the right time, perfectly adjusted to your and your target audience's needs.

  • Standard widgets

    All kinds of widgets (information blocks) with fixed or dynamic content are included in the software.

  • Unique possibilities

    Data from GoBright Room Booking, Desk Booking, and Visitor Management can be shown directly on displays.

  • Custom-made design

    Create slides in your own corporate identity for recognisability and professionalism.

  • Functional links

    (Automatic) links with the most diverse external data sources can be realised.

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Originating from the dream to create and innovate, our founder and CEO Wietse Hagoort started GoBright in 2016.

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