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GoBright integration for TOPdesk

Create better insight into the use of your office with GoBright’s information in your TOPdesk environment. Better support, happy customers. Get service departments working together.

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About TOPdesk

TOPdesk, a service management expert, has selected GoBright as its partner for Room Management solutions for customers who use TOPdesk combined with Outlook Room Booker. The link between TOPdesk and Outlook is provided by Scope4mation. GoBright’s Room Management platform seamlessly integrates with TOPdesk’s service management software.


GoBright Room Booking and TOPdesk

Use TOPdesk in combination with Microsoft Outlook to book your meeting rooms. The GoBright Room Booking integration in Outlook ensures that all reservations made in Outlook are synchronised with TOPdesk’s software. When meetings are cancelled or rescheduled, TOPdesk automatically signals that the meeting room is free to use for other employees.


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Why the integration with TOPdesk is important

Use the partnership between GoBright and TOPdesk to your advantage by assessing occupancy reports and improving booking possibilities.

  • Better insights

    Thanks to the partnership between TOPdesk and GoBright, facility managers will now have better insight into the use of their meeting spaces.

  • Improved occupancy

    If a user fails to show up, the space is automatically made available again. No more unnecessarily occupied meeting rooms.

  • Easier booking

    The booking process gets easier as all arrangements can be made in one go.

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