How to book a meeting room using GoBright and Outlook.

When GoBright is integrated with either Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange employees can use Outlook to book meeting rooms.  Just as they are used to. Thanks to the integration, this booking will also be visible in the GoBright platform (Online Portal, Mobile App, Mapping etc). A meeting room that is booked via Outlook will immediately be displayed as ‘busy’.

In addition, we have developed a GoBright Plugin for Outlook. Besides booking a meeting room via Outlook, you can also directly invite and pre-register your visitors via this Plugin and reserve extra (AV) services or catering.

Does the date or location of the meeting change, or is it canceled completely? The booked catering and services change accordingly. And it all syncs with your personal calender, the calender of the meeting room and the GoBright platform. One system, one action. Smart and simple.

Install GoBright Outlook Plugin Book a Room with the GoBright Plugin


GoBright - Book a Meeting Room - Outlook Plugin


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