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Employee Wellbeing

The experience your employees have is important for a healthy and effective work journey.

A flexible, healthy and positive relationship with employees and employers contributes to a better work journey.

  • list-itemCreate a healthy and meaningful company culture.
  • list-itemUser-centered and user-friendly design.
  • list-itemFoster flexible working with a smart environment.

Establish a positive employee experience in your office with GoBright’s desk booking, room booking, visitor management and digital signage solutions.

GoBright Smart Office Solutions Positive Employee Experience

The Importance of a Positive Employee Experience

The different interactions employees have with the organisation and its facilities, colleagues and their employer determine the employee experience altogether. These experiences influence the health and appreciation of the employees and ultimately determine the sustainable character of the organisation. Do colleagues feel valued and safe? What about the level of absenteeism, career opportunities, optimal use of their qualities, employee loyalty, etc? Provide a healthy and happy environment for your employees and benefit from their positive experience.

GoBright Healthy Company Culture Employee Experience


Essentials for a Positive Workplace Experience

A healthy, safe and smart environment is essential to creating a positive employee experience.

Employee Health

Ensure your employees' physical and mental health is influenced positively.

Office Safety

Secure a safe and at home feeling in the office for your employees.

User-Friendly & User-Centered

Create motivated employees with easy to use office equipment and smart tools.

Smart Technologies

Invest in smart software and technologies for the best employee experience.
GoBright Smart Office Solutions that support Hybrid Working guarantee a healthy work environment

Employee Wellbeing in the Office

A healthy and happy company culture contributes to a positive employee experience in the office. Give employees the chance to foster meaningful relationships with colleagues and strengthen the workforce. A commonly defined company culture attracts talent and creates the feeling of belonging and importance. Besides that, health and safety is an important element of a positive employee experience as well. Promoting positive employee well-being and caring for a healthy relationship between employees and with employers affects the durability and credibility of an organisation.

Healthy & Safe Employee Experience

GoBright’s solutions are designed to be as safe as possible as well as contribute to a healthy work environment. With GoBright Room– and Desk Booking employees plan their workdays ahead. This gives a content and relaxed feeling, as they know exactly what to expect. They are ensured of a workplace that suits their needs. Our visitor registration software for example, is GDPR-proof. This means that physical visitor lists are no longer needed. Everything is safely stored in the Online Portal, according to the GDPR legislation of the EU. Data is cared for safely and saved, gaining trust by employees and visitors. Regarding physical health in the office, employees are increasingly giving attention to hygiene. With the purple setting on our GoBright Connect, cleaners know exactly what desks still need to be cleaned. This all contributes to creating a positive work environment and culture, focussing on employee health and safety.

Features such as ‘Find Your Colleague’, ‘Team Booking‘ and the possibility to book a workspace close to your colleague also contribute to creating a healthy company culture. GoBright’s Desk Booking software is designed for users to get easy access to the information they need. Another useful tool to involve the colleagues and to encourage healthy relationships in the organisation can be the use of Digital Signage. Highlight achievements, inform employees on the latest news, and improve internal communication. GoBright has the #1 user-friendly Digital Signage Solution to create the best culture for your company!

GoBright Smart Office Solutions that support Hybrid Working in the future of the office

Improve the Employee Experience

User-centered and user-friendly workspaces create motivated employees and improve the employee experience. A combination of flexible office design and smart technology is essential for an efficient work environment. This can be a booking system, to give employees the power of designing their own workday or adjustable desks giving the user the opportunity to design their own workstation.

Smart technology is essential to a positive employee experience. Technology creates flexibility and certainty at the same time, which means freedom of making your own choices.

Working in the Smart Office


GoBright has many technologically flexible solutions and products that help to make smart and user-friendly work environments possible. Ranging from different booking systems with a variety of user-centered features to collaborations with specialised hardware partners that focus on the best user experience. GoBright has it all.

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