Data-Driven Workplace


Track workplace utilisation and make data-driven decisions for your future office space needs.

Data analyses by GoBright are based on real time and user-focussed insights gained by smart technology.

  • list-itemAccurate office occupancy overview.
  • list-itemUnderstand user behaviour and preferences.
  • list-itemDevelop new ways of working.

Create a data driven workplace with GoBright’s desk booking, room booking, visitor management and digital signage solutions.

GoBright Workplace Analytics for a Data Driven Workplace

What is a Data-Driven Workplace?

A Data-Driven Workplace gives insight in the workplace performance, occupancy rates, and utilisation. Current and live insight, but also long-term historical data, with which you can make predictions for an optimal use of the future office. This data helps to (re)design workplaces smartly and efficiently for both employees and visitors. Data collection in the workplace drives strategic business decisions. So it is no secret that the future of the office is data driven.

Workplace Analytics and Management with GoBright


What to expect from a Data-Driven Workplace

Collecting data through analytics is essential to creating a future-proof and effective workplace.

Accurate & Real-Time Overview

Gain insight into the real-time and user-centered occupancy of your office with 100% accuracy.

Smart Technology

Use smart technology to gather data of bookings, check-ins, no-shows and ad hoc occupations.

Data Driven Decisions

Be informed on making the right choices regarding office design and functionality and make data-driven decisions.

New Ways of Working

Create new ways of working in your office by understanding and adapting to data analytics.
Workplace Analytics with GoBright and GoBright Connect

Workplace Management

With the help of analytics and data, managing the workplace becomes much easier. As the workplace evolves, it is becoming more evident that the work environment is changing to an agile and flexible space. How do you manage occupancy, no-shows and desk sharing, for example, when everyone is designing their own workweek? Smart Technology tools give insight into real-time occupancy. This helps you to analyse what workdays/workhours are the busiest, what type of desks/rooms are favourited and how to reduce the number of no-shows.

Gathering Data

Gathering data is done through measuring. With these measurements you can make fact-based predictions for optimising or redesigning your workplace. Our software and applications provide these important insights within the GoBright Online Portal. Check how many desks and rooms are booked, get real-time insight into occupancy rates with Desk– and Room Sensors and check-ins via the GoBright Connect. The GoBright Portal includes many filters that facilitate you in analysing the gathered data correctly. See data for certain locations, floors, days or even hours. This way you can draw conclusions, investigate and make informed and data-driven decisions.

Soon, we will launch an API with which you can connect the GoBright data to your preferred analysis tool and combine it with other data, to do more in-depth analyses and have a complete dashboard.

Make Smarter Use of Your Office Space
Utilise your Office Space with GoBright Solutions

Office Space Utilisation

Floor space is expensive and unused desks are an unneccessary expense. Utilising the workplace smartly and efficiently is therefore very important. With the trends and insights into user behaviour and preferences discovered from the analyses, these choices can be made. With data from desk/room bookings, check-ins via the GoBright Connect or NFC Stickers and detections from sensors, even better decisions can be made.

All insights lead to possible adaptions in office utilisation. The key to success in today’s hybrid work environment, is the ability to optimise space usage and to make flexible decisions. This means supporting a high performing workforce with workplace solutions that are effective and smart. Future scenarios in relation to the needs and demands employees have, all begins with gathering data and making informed choices based on analytics.

Blog: A successful future workplace must be data-driven

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