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Room booking and desk booking completed the renovations of IJsselheem, active in healthcare for the elderly, and boosted their occupancy management and meeting solutions.


After 15 years, IJsselheem Mysotis, in the city center of Kampen, was in dire need of a renovation of the workplace. The old situation was equipped with fixed workplaces, quiet workplaces, separate speakers, and screens with an HDMI-cable without a camera. The steering committee was established before the Covid-19 pandemic. IJsselheem needed a desk management solution. There was no insight into occupancy in the past, and the desk spaces were often empty. However, after the Covid-19 pandemic, the implementation of the project started to look slightly different. The employees of IJsselheem wished to work more flexible. They wanted to work with MS Teams Rooms to combine remote and on-site meetings. This led to the need to book these meeting rooms and directly add an MS Teams link to the meeting. They were looking for a suitable solution that could make this possible, allowing them to come to the office in an organised and structured manner.

GoBright - IJsselheem - Microsoft integrations

The integration with Microsoft 365, Teams and Outlook, was a key requirement and there are not many suppliers that offer this, but GoBright does.

Jan Hidding Functional Manager ICT
GoBright - IJsselheem

The Solution

IJsselheem found the answer in GoBright, especially in their Room Booking system, Desk Booking system, and Microsoft Integrations.

IJsselheem came into contact with GoBright through AENC. Kees Schouten, Functional Manager ICT, was already familiar with GoBright’s digital signage from his previous job. He knew that all GoBright products operate on one user-friendly platform. Now IJsselheem employees can easily check room availability. In the beginning some colleagues had to get used to the concept. They sometimes forgot to make reservations or check in, and the room or desk would suddenly be occupied by someone else. But now this is no longer an issue, and they see the benefits of GoBright products.

Furthermore, IJsselheem has chosen to enhance their employees’ working environment by investing in the best audio hardware.

GoBright - IJsselheem


Desk Booking and Room Booking systems have transformed the allocation of workspaces across diverse environments. Within IJsselheem’s department, 70 workplaces are available for about 120 colleagues. An additional 8 desks are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, exclusively accessible on-site. This ensures that even if an employee forgets to book, a guaranteed workplace is still available. The rooms witness near-full occupancy on most days.

Near the service desk, a screen equipped with digital signage software with intern news, although the dashboard is still in development. Currently, the screen features internal announcements and the weather forecast. The screens are all designed in the corporate style of IJsselheem and is easy to use by yourself.

Meeting rooms are equipped with large frosted whiteboards and projectors, creating a seamless blend of analog and digital tools. This dynamic setup encourages active participation during presentations, preventing meetings from becoming static. Several meeting rooms boast high-quality screens and video conferencing equipment, complemented by separate microphones for optimal sound quality.

Expansion of the workplace concept

This innovative workplace concept has proven successful, serving as an internal business case for IJsselheem. The positive outcomes allow for the expansion of the concept to other locations.

GoBright - IJsselheem

About IJsselheem

IJsselheem is a progressive company focused on care for the elderly. They offer community nursing and activities and IJsselheem helps clients with treatments and rehabilitation. IJsselheem has over 2700 employees, located in Zwolle, Kampen, Zwartewaterland, Hattem en Heerde.

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Implementation of GoBright's Solutions at IJsselheem

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