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Workplace Analytics

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What is a Data-Driven Workplace?

Data-Driven working is managing a workplace based on information that is acquired objectively. In data-driven workplaces, decisions of all aspects are made based on facts and data obtained...

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What are the benefits of a Data-Driven Workplace?

The core of a Data-Driven Workplace is making decisions based on facts. This ensures that you can't make wrong choices for your office environment. This can be applied to...

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What are Workplace Analytics?

A Data-Driven Workplace gives insight in the workplace performance, occupancy rates, and utilisation. Current and live insight, but also long-term historical data, with which you can make predictions...

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Why is Workplace Analytics important?

Workplace Analytics give you objective insight into workplace statistics. From occupation, utilisation to all other measurable actions. This can have many advantages. Optimise workspace Workplace Analytics in combination with Read more

How do you monitor workplace occupancy?

Occupancy measuring and monitoring in office buildings is a valuable tool. You can manage and monitor the occupancy with Smart Office soft- and hardware. Using desk or room sensors...

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What are the benefits of Workplace occupancy measuring?

The basics of occupancy measuring and monitoring starts with getting a better understanding of how the office is being used. Throughout the day, a week, or even a month....

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How can you measure Office Space Utilisation?

Office Space Utilisation is the amount of space that is used in your office. It focuses mostly on how an office space is divided and used by employees over...

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What type of data does GoBright Workplace Analytics use?

Workplace Analytics use many different types of data. With GoBright Workplace Analytics you for example measure occupancy of meeting rooms and desks. How long is a room or...

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What can you do with the measured workplace occupancy data?

Obviously you can start with monitoring the data to see what's really happening at the office. What are the most or least popular workplaces, how many no-shows are there,...

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Which occupancy sensors does GoBright have? And how do they work?

We do not have our own occupancy sensors, but different types of sensors can be used in combination with our software. In the area of ​​'active sensors' we support...

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What do sensors add to the GoBright experience?

With Room sensors and Desk sensors you get 100% accurate occupancy data, making it even more transparent how many rooms or desks are used and how they are used....

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