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Desk Booking made hot desking and hybrid working possible in a safe and future proof way.

RZV Customer Case
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In the wake of modernising workplace management RZV was looking for a Desk Booking system. With a new layout, interior design and new equipment. Looking ahead to the future, they wanted a practical and easy solution. During Covid-19, the company implemented even more flexible working and home-based options. The workload increased and so did the number of employees. This resulted in having more employees than workplaces available.

During the search for solutions that provide more than just an online environment, the interior designer responsible for the office renovation recommended GoBright. It was at an exhibition that the interior design agency first discovered GoBright's solutions. They believed that GoBright's software solutions fit perfectly within a modern office environment, where health and sustainable working are very important. In addition, they were enthusiastic about the GoBright Connect, which would be easy to integrate into the new desks.

'GoBright is innovative. You notice that there are continuous developments. This shows us that we have chosen the right partner.'
Daniel Brauckmann
Purchasing Agent
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About RZV

The development and implementation of software is our common ground. Rechenzentrum Volmarstein GmbH (RZV) is a SAP partner that provides software for the medical industry. As a growing organisation with 260 employees across three offices in Germany, it was time to focus on workplace management.

RZV x GoBright

The combination of Desk Booking and Mapping using Desk Sensors and the GoBright Glow and Connect was the most suitable solution for RZV. Desk Booking made hot desking and Hybrid Working possible in a safe and future proof way.

Desk Licenses
Mapping Licenses
Connect, Glow, Desk Sensors
GoBright Connect at RZV


The Perfect Solution

GoBright Connect and Glow

With GoBright Connect and Glow, software and hardware are combined to create a unique feature in the market of desk management. All desks are equipped with Linak bases which allow for easy height adjustment via connect and memorising the user-related standing and seat heights.

RZV was looking for a tool that fulfilled a unique wish: it should have a hygienic function. To allow targeted cleaning during Covid-19, the Connect turns purple after the use of a desk. Having a hygiene function on the Connect is very convenient for employees and cleaners and was essential for a smooth Return to Office strategy. In the market, only GoBright was able to meet this need. We can offer features like these thanks to our innovative team and in-house development.

RZV has the Glow attached to the computer screens, so each occupied workspace can be seen from a distance.


The interactive map offers a lot of extras. When in search for a colleague, or your favourite spot near the window, the interactive map makes it possible. The map can be used in the Online Portal and Mobile App. Big screens throughout the building allow you to book your workplace simply and whenever you want.

Thanks to the reseller and GoBright Support, the solutions were implemented at RZV. Additionally, “if you need some extra support, the GoBright service desk is there to help quickly.”

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Implementation of Work at RZV

GoBright locker integration - Vecos locks

The Future

RZV intends to expand the GoBright platform in 2022 with Vecos lockers. Workplace sharing and hot-desking called for a safe storage space for personal items. Meeting Room Booking will also be available in the office of RZV soon. Now, the meeting rooms are booked via an e-mail to the receptionists. The fact that GoBright solutions operate on one-platform and integrate with Outlook for Windows and macOS makes GoBright Room Booking a valuable addition to RZV.

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