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GoBright and Keynius are the key to an even smarter workplace with intelligent software for booking digital locks.

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About Keynius

With decades of experience in the locker market, Keynius invent and develop smart, innovative, sustainable and high-tech locking solutions, always based on the principles of privacy by design and simplicity first.

Keynius’ solutions are plug & play, can be modified in a few easy steps and offer multiple usage options. For modern companies smart locking is a no brainer. With a smart phone as their best friend, people expect to control their fixed or temporary locker with it as well. Reserve, pay, operate… Everything can be done with a few clicks.

The functionalities of the Keynius smart locking solutions are almost endless and suitable for every industry. With locking solutions that are easy to operate and fun to use, Keynius help companies to become more profitable, help employees make their work easier and help consumers keep what is precious safe.

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Our partnership

Whether it’s for reserving a parking spot, arranging a temporary workspace for a freelancer, booking a meeting room, providing a locker for a visitor, or implementing a shared locker for the sales team; smart office solutions have never been more desired. GoBright and Keynius both realise such smart solutions and have decided to join forces through a partnership. Together, we offer an integrated system that provides employees and visitors with a seamless user experience, resulting in increased productivity and satisfaction. Thanks to this integration, users can now book a locker with a digital Keynius lock, alongside their desk or room bookings.

This means that businesses that already use Keynius’ smart locker solutions can now effortlessly make their offices even smarter by expanding to GoBright’s solutions for Room BookingDesk BookingVisitor Management, and Digital Signage. Whichever set of solutions you choose for your Smart Office; GoBright and Keynius ensure you can manage everything within one system. While GoBright customers could already book lockers through the GoBright platform, we’ve now expanded users’ choice and flexibility by partnering with Keynius.

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At Keynius, we’re passionate about secure and convenient smart locker solutions. However, a truly smart office goes beyond secure storage. That's why we're thrilled to endorse GoBright as a valued partner - to create a truly smart and streamlined workplace experience.

Mark Tijdgat Global Sales Director, Keynius

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