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One solution for three companies that share the meeting room, narrowcasting and visitor registration facilities.


Vitelia’s head office is located in the Regional Business Center (RBC) “de Oelderse Halte” in Oirlo and Vitelia is also the owner of the building. The RBC houses three companies that are not connected with each other in terms of ICT. They operate autonomously. The companies do share the facilities within the RBC building and they use a central reception area where a host / hostess receives the guests and manages the meeting rooms.

Vitelia was looking for a solution to make this future-proof, to digitise the booking of meeting rooms, to make it more user-friendly and to optimise the hospitality. So the question was to let three companies, each with its own ICT infrastructure, jointly use a solution for booking meeting rooms and registering visitors.

GoBright Room Booking - Vitelia

The GoBright platform is extremely user-friendly and meets all our needs.


Implementation of Meet, Visit and View at Vitelia

Vitelia - GoBright Wayfinding - Digital Signage

GoBright; an integrated solution

Vitelia’s reseller FOXX AV recommended the GoBright Smart Office solutions with integration of the Visit, Meet and View components. Which offered Vitelia a solution for (pre) registering visitors, booking meeting rooms and information management (digital signage). And all of that integrated in one user-friendly, cloud-based platform, linked to Outlook. And as we all know, most companies work with Outlook, so there was no need to install complicated programs.

Next to the GoBright software Vitelia also needed the hardware to support the solution. FOXX AV made sure that everything was implemented correctly.

The additional challenge that all tenants in the building needed to be connected to one platform, was not an issue at all for GoBright. By using the GoBright online portal, or the mobile App, more hospitality is created, and meeting rooms are used more efficiently.
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Vitelia - GoBright Digital Visitor Registration

Planning a meeting

Vitelia employees, partners and tenants can now schedule a meeting in one of the 12 meeting rooms via Outlook. No more double bookings, no more no-shows, and there is a clear selection of suitable meeting rooms with the right capacity and the necessary facilities. In addition, catering for the meeting can be booked via GoBright as well. The GoBright Room Panels are attached to the meeting room walls and indicate whether a room is occupied and for how long. Sensors were placed in the meeting rooms to centrally monitor the use and occupancy of the rooms.

Visitor Registration

Visitors can be pre-registered by sending them an invitation email with a QR code or they can self-register digitally upon arrival. The meeting organiser receives a digital notification that the guest(s) is/are present. Now it is immediately clear who is staying in the building, for example in the event of an emergency.


Narrowcasting (or Digital Signage) screens provide visitors with current company information and news items. They also show the Wayfinding system to direct visitors to the correct floor and meeting room. With wayfinding you can also see the occupancy status of each meeting room.

Vitelia - GoBright Room Booking - Room Panel

About Vitelia

Vitelia, alive and kicking for more than 100 years, is an agricultural cooperation in the South of the Netherlands. It concentrates for its members and customers on, among other things, compound feed, agricultural products and they have a shop for ‘garden & animals’.



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