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Digital Signage

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What is digital signage?

Digital Signage, also called narrowcasting, is one or more screens displaying information directed to a specific target group, at the right place and at the right time. It is...

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Why is digital signage important?

Digital signage has shown time and time again that it works. It is an effective way of conveying messages to your target group, as it can be updated and...

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Why should I use GoBright Digital Signage Software?

There are many different digital signage solutions. With the major part, you will most likely be able to realise your communication wishes just fine. GoBright Digital Signage, however, has...

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What is digital signage used for?

Digital signage can be used to communicate in within any organisation, such as schools, restaurants or retail, offices, community places, and even churches. Its main goal is to communicate...

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What are examples of content on digital signage in offices?

Digital Signage can be used to communicate a variety of messages. A few examples are:   Wayfinding You can help your visitors and employees navigate through the building with Wayfinding. This...

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Is it easy to change content?

Super easy! This is one of the key benefits of working with GoBright Digital Signage software. You can change your content at the touch of a button using...

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What type of display screens are required?

GoBright Digital Signage is compatible with any brand, size and type of LCD/LED or IPS display screen.

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How many screens can be placed in a Digital Signage environment?

Basically, there are no limitations. You can display the same content on all your screens, or choose to have different content for some/all of them. The possibilities are endless. With...

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What hardware do I need for Digital Signage applications?

  • Option 1: A Display / screen + player PC à software runs on player.
  • Option 2: A Display / screen with webOS.

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