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Visitor Management

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What is a visitor management system?

Visitor management is any set of activities that helps organisations keep track of people that visit the location. While some organisations are satisfied with only collecting names, other organisations...

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Why is a visitor management system important?

First and foremost, a sufficient visitor management system provides an organisation with a certain level of security. Knowing exactly who is within your building at any time can help...

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Can I use my own corporate branding in GoBright Visit?

Yes, the look and feel of the Visitor Management System's panel can be adapted to your own corporate identity. Various text fields can also be adjusted to your...

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Can I pre-register visitors?

Definitely. You can invite guests via the Portal, the Outlook Plugin or in Microsoft Teams when booking a meeting. They receive an invite with a pre-registration QR code, to...

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How long is all data stored?

According to the GDPR legislation, data may be stored if it is kept for legitimate purposes. The company (facility management) decides how long they store the data in the...

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How do I access the software?

GoBright Visitor Management System is managed and controlled via web-based (cloud) software. This content management software (CMS) can be accessed from any computer. The software is easy to...

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Which badge printers can I connect with the Visitor Registration software?

There are a couple of options for printing badges directly from the Visitor Registration kiosk. You can find the solutions here.

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How do I know my visitors have arrived?

The host can be informed in various ways. They receive an email, a notification in the GoBright App, or a text message on their phone. Learn more...

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Does a returning visitor need to register themselves every time?

Returning visitors can keep their badges, with QR code and use it on their next visit. They just scans the QR code and their host will be contacted. This...

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Can I see who is in our building at once, in case of an emergency?

Yes, via the GoBright Online Portal, you can see at a glance who is present. The portal can be accessed on a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, or our various...

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Can we give the visitor a name badge?

Badge printing is an optional feature, but you can connect a badge printer to the visitor registration panel. So a name badge can be printed automatically for visitors. The...

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What information can I show a visitor on screen?

While checking in, a visitor can be informed of the safety instructions or Covid-19 measures etc. You can also ask the visitor to confirm having read and accepted the...

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How can visitors register themselves?

Visitors can register themselves on the spot, by following the steps on the Visitor Management System's screen. They fill in the requested information, such as name and email....

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Can I use multiple visitor registration points in a room (at the same time)?

Yes, of course this is possible. It can be very useful for training centers or offices with large reception areas and many visitors. Learn more about Visitor...

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How can I invite visitors?

A visitor can be invited in two ways.

  1. Via the GoBright Outlook Plugin, where you can register a visitor while making a meeting. This is also possible in combination...

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