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GoBright Integration for Microsoft Outlook

Search for a meeting room based on your preferences, reserve catering, extra room services, and manage your attendees directly with your Room Booking.

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Outlook plugin for Room Booking

Outlook, one of the most common e-mail and calendar management programs in the office. GoBright has developed an Outlook Plugin for GoBright Room Booking software. Use the GoBright Outlook Plugin in the menu bar, when scheduling an appointment. A world of possibilities will open up for you. Search for a meeting room based on your preferences, reserve catering, extra room services,  invite and pre-register your attendees instantly, with your room booking.


Features of the plugin

Working with the GoBright Outlook Plugin gives you powerful search and room booking possibilities, directly in your personal Outlook calendar. Any scheduled booking changes and cancellations synchronise with your personal agenda, the agenda of the meeting room and the GoBright Portal automatically. Any necessities that were arranged for the meeting, such as AV-equipment or Catering & Services, automatically change accordingly. The plugin is available on both Microsoft and MacOS.


More about the Plugin
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Integration with Outlook

Similar to the Microsoft Teams integration, the GoBright Portal is now also fully accessible from your Outlook environment. Simply click the GoBright logo and you can use all of our solutions without leaving your Outlook environment. The two-way integration ensures that every action, whether it’s a booking, modification, or cancellation, is instantly synchronised across both platforms.

This strategic integration means that GoBright functions consistently across Teams and Outlook, providing users with a uniform experience. Now, employees can choose the platform that suits them best without sacrificing the user-friendliness they have come to expect from GoBright.


More about the integration


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The benefits of the Microsoft Outlook Plugin

Make meetings with colleagues and visitors easier and more efficient using the GoBright Plugin for Microsoft Outlook.

  • Complete meeting possibilities

    Arrange everything you need for your meeting while booking a room in Outlook.

  • Automatically synchronised

    If a meeting is cancelled or postponed, all arrangements are automatically adjusted, too.

  • Advanced filters

    Find a meeting room that perfectly suits your needs, including combined meeting rooms.

  • Visitor Management

    Pre-register and invite any visitors directly while making a room booking with GoBright Visitor Management.

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