GoBright - Polimi Graduate School of Management - Case Story - Education - Digital Signage and Classroom Booking
Case Story

Polimi Graduate School of Management

Polimi Graduate School for Management decided to expand its spaces and open a new campus in the Navigli area of Milan. This project, together with the need for a digital transformation, meant that POLIMI GSoM had to find tools to facilitate innovative development.

The Challenge

The business school of Politecnico di Milano was looking for a solution that would allow automated space management and enable students and lecturers to quickly understand where and when classes would be held.

Additionally, because the area of Navigli in Milan is usually very crowded and it is very difficult to find available parking spots, POLIMI GSoM had the need to find a solution to guarantee a parking spot for lecturers.


GoBright - Polimi Graduate School of Management - Case Story - Education - Classroom Booking

We are very happy with the GoBright Booking Solutions. For example, once we installed the Room Booking system in the new premises, we immediately felt the need it was essential to expand to the university's historical premises too.

Marco Proserpio ICT Specialist at Polimi GSoM
GoBright - Polimi Graduate School of Management - Case Story - Education - Digital Signage

The Solution

POLIMI GSoM uses multiple GoBright Solutions to create a completely Smart Working Environment. They started using GoBright Digital Signage and Wayfinding to inform students and to direct them to the right classrooms. The students can find the Digital Signage screens on each floor of the building. In addition, they also made sure that teachers and students can book Rooms, Desks, and Parking spaces via GoBright. Multiple solutions, one system.

One of the conditions for a new Room Booking System was that it should be integrated with Microsoft Outlook. POLIMI GSoM was used to booking classrooms via Outlook and for people to easily accept the Room Booking tool, it had to be user-friendly and accessible. Now, with GoBright a booked classroom is not only visible in Outlook, but also on the Digital Signage Screens.

POLIMI GSoM introduced Desk Booking to their employees. They classified the desks into four categories: hot desking, lounge spots, team areas and 1-to-1 spaces. POLIMI GSoM has devised a priority system for who can book. This means that staff, lecturers, and pupils can book, but have different booking priorities.

Parking Space Booking has been introduced as a solution for VIP guests and senior lecturers to have a fixed parking space.



GoBright - Polimi Graduate School of Management - Case Story - Education - Classroom Booking


Since implementing GoBright Solutions, POLIMI GSoM experienced great improvements in classroom management. Firstly, showing the classroom schedules via Digital Signage meant they could get rid of the endless excel lists; no more confusion and paper schedules. Now, students intuitively know exactly where they need to be without any delays. Secondly, booking classrooms via Room Booking, including an Integration with Outlook, has been a meaningful change too. It provides clear visibility into the availability of university classrooms, preventing any scheduling conflicts. In fact, POLIMI GSoM chose to expand the Room Booking system also in the Politecnico’s historical site in the Bovisa area of Milan.

It also turns out that POLIMI GSoM has benefited enormously from the data gathered via the GoBright platform. Thanks to GoBright Analytics, POLIMI GSoM is able to have a system that provides consistent occupancy information for both locations, all on a single platform.

POLIMI GSoM now has a smart working environment, with accurate data on building occupancy. They can book classrooms, desks are accessible to lecturers, students and staff, and key lecturers and guests are assured of a parking spot.

GoBright - Polimi Graduate School of Management - Case Story - Education - Wayfinding - Digital Signage


POLIMI Graduate School of Management creates meaningful paths for future business leaders and the businesses they will lead, guided by the over-arching belief that education has a crucial role to play in shaping a better world for all.  Based in Milan, Italy’s main business centre, the school was created over 40 years ago as MIP Politecnico di Milano and today it is a not-for-profit Consortia Limited Company composed of the University and a group of leading Italian and multinational companies.  POLIMI GSoM offers more than 40 masters degrees, including MBA and EMBA, and a catalogue of over 300 open programmes, along with customised training for companies. With over 20,000 alumni and 3,000 students every year POLIMI GSoM is an innovative and entrepreneurial community made up of diverse people and partners, seeing the power of relationships as a constant source of enrichment, innovation and inspiration, personal and professional. The new Navigli Campus gives everyone the perfect chance to experience the unique and engaging atmosphere of Ripa di Porta Ticinese, an iconic and thriving area of Milan.

Implementation of GoBright's Solutions at POLIMI GSoM


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