GoBright - Coming Soon: our advanced analytics tool

Coming soon: Our advanced analytics tool

New Features & Upgrades

Introducing the new GoBright Advanced Analytics, where insights meet innovation, that brings you more than the current Basic Analytics. Coming to you in Q2! Smarter, user-friendly for everyone, multiple new dashboard options, and in addition there are more opportunities to expand.

GoBright Analytics is engineered to elevate your workplace experience. Seamlessly integrate insights into your presentations and impress your audience with data-driven decisions. And an upgrade is on its way! Next to our Basic Analytics, the new Advanced Analytics will be available in Q2. The Advanced Analytics has new detailed dashboards. The value this upgrade brings is just as dynamic as the insightful data it provides. Consider it an investment in unlocking powerful insights for your benefit.

The Basic Analytics you know and love isn’t going anywhere. We are keeping it up and running for free, for those who prefer to use it. But, if you are ready to take the leap into the future, the door to the Advance Analytics tool is wide open. You have asked, we deliver!

What is the GoBright Analytics tool?  

GoBright Basic Analytics offers you real-time insights into workplace performance, occupancy rates, and utilisation. It includes both current live data and long-term historical data, allowing accurate predictions for optimal future office usage. Utilising this data, workplaces can be (re)designed efficiently constantly, benefiting both your employees and your visitors. Managing the workplace becomes easier with workplace Analytics. The evolving workplace reflects a shift towards a more agile and flexible environment.

Why is GoBright Analytics useful? 

In a world where Flexible Working is the norm, our bright Analytics is the key to conquering occupancy challenges, eliminating no-shows, and optimising workplace usage. By harnessing real-time data, you gain valuable insights into peak workdays, popular desk and room preferences, and actionable strategies to improve efficiency. GoBright Analytics outshines every other traditional analytics by granting you control over workplace changes.

GoBright - Advanced Analytics

GoBright Advanced Analytics

In addition to GoBright Basic Analytics, we are excited to present an upgraded and bright solution to improve your smart workplace. The Advanced Analytics tool introduces additional dashboards. With more detailed analyses, providing improved insights of your workplace. With two distinct Analytics tools, one the Basic insights and the other emphasising more dashboards, we provide to varied preferences. Continuous innovations keep coming in terms of dashboards to provide insights into data in different ways.

Benefits of Advanced Analytics

Our analytics tool offers separate dashboards for different aspects like General Overview, Rooms, Desks, and Parking. These dashboards give focused insights to streamline management. We provide detailed charts and graphs for deeper analysis, including trends, resource types, and occupancy/booking. Easily create dashboards with GoBright Analytics, and get easy access to insights of the workplace environment. Get answers to your questions, for example how many desks and rooms are being used. Transform your workplace as efficiently and comfortably as possible. This helps you understand current patterns and make informed decisions.

Our goal is to empower users with easy-to-use tools for optimising operations and driving efficiency. With our Advanced Analytics, you can confidently navigate complexities and innovate within their organisations.

Power BI

GoBright Analytics is easily integrated with Microsoft Power BI. Data from GoBright Analytics can be imported to the Power BI dashboards to create interactive reports and to provide insights. Power BI is complex process, requiring expertise to utilise effectively, whereas GoBright Advanced Analytics offers a cost-effective solution in comparison to Power BI. Advanced Analytics is for those who are unfamiliar with Power BI. Get easy access and pursue the information you require through in-depth analyses. Elevate your workplace experience and be bright.

GoBright - Advanced Analytics


We expect to launch this new upgrade in Q2. Keep an eye on our social media channels, newsletter, and website to stay up to date! Can’t wait till Q2? Request a demo to know more about the Advanced Analytics or ask a question if you’re in doubt.

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