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Desk Management in the Hybrid Workplace

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Globally the workplace is changing at a rapid pace. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this shift in working even more. The fact that people couldn’t work at the office regularly, asked for flexible ways of working to arise swiftly.

In this blog, we will explore how GoBright’s Desk Booking System contributes to the new work approach of the future: Hybrid Working.

The general idea of what a workplace is and what it needs to provide for employees, has changed over time. Because of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the ‘New Way of Working’ is important for companies and organisations in all sectors. One thing has become clear: Hybrid working is a huge opportunity for companies to reinvent and adapt their culture. Now is the time to rethink the role of the office and explore the expectations that employees nowadays have. New ways, create new opportunities. The office must provide workers in what they need. This means the flexible use of space, different types of settings, rooms and desks and giving employees the opportunity to shape their personal workspace.

Hybrid Working

Hybrid Working offers employees to work effectively in- and outside the office. This means that organisations need to consider the different interactions people have in an office building as well as how to facilitate their needs. The key element in this situation is technology. To lift working life to the next level and realise a flexible, hybrid office, it is key to change office culture. By structuring this with technological implementations and solutions, Hybrid Working can become the new normal for the Future of Working.

Desk Booking System

Desk Management with GoBright

Creating an effective Hybrid Workplace is all about gaining insight into office occupation and facilitating your workers with what they need. By analysing these elements, you can design and re-design your office space with what is necessary. An indispensable element of working towards a Hybrid Workplace, is desk management. With GoBright’s Desk Booking System flexible working is taken to the next level.

Every workday is different. Some days you need a desk, other days you can work remotely or from home. Other days there are also moments that you want to work together with colleagues on a project. Many different situations arise, and it is important that your workplace facilitates these types of working. By managing desk use, desk sharing, desk booking and offering additional services to personalise your workplace, GoBright is the most complete platform in giving your employees what they need. For example when a project team wants to meet up and wants to book desks near each other, in one go, GoBright offers a special Team Booking feature. Easily make a desk booking for your entire team.

Desk Booking Software

Desk Management starts with desk booking software. You are assured of a workplace that suits your needs by booking a desk through the GoBright Online Portal or Mobile App. No more endless searching through the office, looking for a desk to start your workday. You can set up desks in the interactive map. This way you can see what desks are frequently booked and manage office occupation.


Checking In/Out

Another important part of Hybrid Working is checking in and out. Let employees check in/out at their desk, to gain important information about user behaviour and occupancy rates. With GoBright’s Connect and Glow hardware devices, the desk status becomes visible throughout the office. Check in via the GoBright Connect, to change the desk status to ‘occupied’ throughout the entire platform. With the GoBright Glow the desk status becomes visible in the physical office space even more, increasing productivity and visibility.

Easy desk booking with connect

To measure is to know

Desk sensors make our Desk Booking System even more reliable. Occupation and desk usage is measured with 100% accuracy. The desk sensors stimulate hot desking, making your workplace even more flexible. This means, when a desk is not occupied for the complete booked time, the sensor detects no movement and can free up the desk, making it available for others to use. So, no-shows are a thing of the past.

Data-Driven Workplace give insight in the workplace performance, occupancy rates, and utilisation. Current and live insight, but also long-term historical data, with which you can make predictions for an optimal use of the future office. This data helps to (re)design workplaces smartly and efficiently for both employees and visitors. Data collection in the workplace drives strategic business decisions. So it is no secret that the future of the office is data driven.


Be Ready

GoBright’s desk management solution Desk Booking is one of four solutions that increase Hybrid Working in the office. In combination with our software solutions for room booking, visitor registration, digital signage, you can create a fully hybrid office and be ready for the future of working.

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