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Case Story

CMS Francis Lefebvre

Managing and booking rooms and desks can be done simultaneously via a single platform. Practical and simple.


CMS Francis Lefebvre was looking for a practical and simple Desk Management solution, but also a system that could replace or optimise the existing Room Booking system. The system had to facilitate both; managing and booking rooms as well as desks.

CMS Francis Lefebvre faced a challenge in 2020, because they had more employees than available workplaces. It would be logical to add more workplaces. CMS Francis Lefebvre found out that the office was overcrowded one day and empty the next, which meant that adding more workspaces was not the best option, especially on the long run. CMS Francis Lefebvre already had a room booking system in place. Knowing the benefits of using such a software solution to optimize space and usage, the search for a Desk management software solution began. Due to COVID-19, regulating the flow of people inside the building was essential.

CMS Francis Lefebvre contacted their reseller to assist in their search. They recommended GoBright as the best solution for Desk Booking and Room Booking.

GoBright - Case CMS - Room Booking - 1

The ease of the solution, is why we chose GoBright!

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GoBright - Case CMS - Room Booking - 1

Perfect Solutions for in the Office

Room Management

With the GoBright Room Booking System, booking meeting rooms is easy via the Online Portal or Mobile App. Using the Online Portal, booking is super easy thanks to the real-time timeline. You can see when and how long rooms have been booked. Very convenient when you are planning a meeting and are searching the most suitable available room.

The GoBright analytics give clear insight into the occupancy rate, showing that Mondays and Fridays are preferably spent at home.  When having an important meeting at the office, the booking can be done anonymously, keeping information confidential. Your meeting will not be disrupted because of the occupation status that is shown on Mapping and the Room Panel.

Desk Management

Via the interactive map on the Mobile App and Online Portal, a workplace can be booked at any time, from anywhere. Having forgotten which desk was booked is not a problem with the GoBright Desk Booking System.

The mapping shows exactly which desk it was. 120 employees make use of 90 desks daily. This means that Hot Desking is actively used at CMS Francis Lefebvre. Integration with the Active Directory allows to synchronise all user data directly in the GoBright environment. Instantly GDPR compliant and flexible. When experiencing any issues, the support department of GoBright is there to help.


Desk Licences


Room Licences


Mapping Licence

GoBright - Case CMS - Room Booking - 1

About CMS Francis Lefebvre

CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats is one of the leading international corporate law firms. Its deep roots, unique positioning and highly recognised expertise enable it to deliver innovative, high-value-added solutions in all areas of law. The firm is a member of CMS, an integrated, multi-jurisdictional organisation of law firms that offers full-service legal and tax advice with more than 70 offices in over 40 countries across the world and more than 4,800 lawyers. The Paris office has 450 lawyers.

CMS Francis Lefebvre x GoBright
With GoBright, booking rooms and desks can be done simultaneously via a single platform. Combining Mapping, Room Panels, and the Online Portal was the most efficient way to maximise the office space. CMS Francis Lefebvre’s support department is the first team to adopt the GoBright solutions.
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Implementation of GoBright's Solutions at CMS

GoBright - Case CMS - Room Booking - 1

The Future

The future looks very promising. GoBright solutions have already been used by 120 employees in the CMS Francis Lefebvre Support department. This number will grow in 2022, by expanding the Desk and Room Booking solutions to more departments. This will result in optimal use of the entire office space for CMS Francis Lefebvre.

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