What is Room Booking?

Booking rooms in advance to be ready for a meeting is called Room Booking. With a room booking system, people are able to search for and book a meeting room in advance, based on their needs and wishes. Employees can book meeting rooms, and invite colleagues and external visitors, together with their wishes for Catering & Services.

A room booking system provides insights into the availability of rooms. This makes it clear to everybody which rooms are occupied, and which are not. It sometimes happens, though, that a booking is made, but nobody shows up for the meeting. To prevent this, your GoBright Room Booking system can be expanded with GoBright’s Room Sensors. These are motion based and are therefore able to detect whether there are people in the meeting room. If a meeting room is booked, but the sensors detect no person in the room, the room is automatically released for someone else to book.

The ease of GoBright’s system is that information on room bookings is visible and accessible in a variety of systems. Booking rooms can for example be done through Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, Google Workspace, the GoBright App, and Portal. But also via on-site devices, such as a Room Panel outside of the meeting room, or via a Mapping Screen on the work floor. Every booking, changes in bookings, or cancellations are automatically synchronised in all parts of the platform.


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