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The new working standard is hybrid. Desk Management supports the flexible and hybrid workplace, and boosts productivity and efficiency.

  • Measure office occupancy.
  • Save costs on floorspace.
  • Reliable and accurate booking possibilities.

What is Desk Management?

A Desk Management Solution refers to the complete package of a desk booking system, sensors and plug-ins that are used to manage all desks in a workplace. This is especially interesting in hybrid and flexible workplaces.

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Why is Desk Management important?

Desk Management Software is crucial in creating any hybrid or flexible workplace that strives for productivity and efficiency.

Saving costs

Desk management systems provide you with important information on the usage of your office and workspaces. This information can in turn be used to decrease rented floorspace, optimise the efficiency of cleaning services and limiting energy waste.

Employee wellbeing

Desk Management also contributes to the wellbeing of your employees, as well as the employee workplace experience. They should be able to focus on things that are really important, without having to worry about uncertainties such as ‘Do I have a place to work when I go to the office? How do I find my workplace? Is my workplace clean, and can I organize my workplace according to my preferences?’

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Return on Investment with Desk Management

Occupancy measuring has become increasingly important. Organisations are accepting flexible working as the new standard and are adapting their offices at a rapid pace. Occupancy measuring helps facility managers to assemble data on the usage of the desks. This will help to define a final plan for the number of needed desks. A lot of saving money can be done on cutting on the squared meters of office space rental.

In GoBright’s Desk Management System, bookings can be made for specific time frames, and no-shows are eliminated. This way, you can easily analyse whether the amount of workspaces you offer is still suitable for your workforce. If you discover that you have way more workspaces than necessary, you may decide to give up on a significant amount of floorspace. Similarly, this information can be used to manage energy usage in the office, and to optimise cleaning facilities in the building. After all, if desks aren’t being used, there is no need for cleaning.

The ROI of a Smart Workplace
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