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What is Room Booking?

Booking rooms in advance to be ready for a meeting is called Room Booking. With a room booking system, people are able to search for and book a meeting...

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Why should I use a Room Booking system?

Room booking systems are beneficial for a variety of reasons, such as creating a better environment to collaborate, and measuring room occupancy. First and foremost, it provides your employees with...

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Can I book meeting rooms in Microsoft Teams?

Yes, you can! Since the GoBright integration in Microsoft Teams, it is possible to book meeting rooms, desks, parking spaces and lockers, all in one environment....

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Is the GoBright Room Booking solution suitable for all business types?

Thanks to GoBright’s scalability, our solutions, including our room booking system, can be used by any type of business. The maps, meeting room names, and facilities are customisable....

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Can the GoBright Room Booking Software be linked to other systems?

For your employees to be able to communicate effectively, it is important that the systems they use are user-friendly. The key aspect in this is making sure your systems...

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What is GoBright Room Control?

GoBright’s Room Control is an addition to your meeting room. It consists of a Room Control Panel that allows you to manage your room on one device. On...

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Can you see what room someone is in?

With GoBright’s ‘Find my colleague’, you can always find your co-workers. Just type in their name in the search bar and the portal will tell you in which meeting...

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How do I book a meeting room in Outlook?

Thanks to GoBright’s plug-in in Microsoft Outlook, it is possible to book a meeting room when you schedule a meeting in Outlook. Open your personal calendar in Read more

Why is a room occupancy report important?

A room occupancy report shows you how much a room is being used and by whom. This can give you many useful insights. If a certain meeting room...

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How to book a meeting room using GoBright and Outlook?

GoBright provides an integration with Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange. When your IT department has installed this integration, employees can use Outlook to book meeting rooms just like they...

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What is Mapping?

Mapping is a product within the GoBright platform that provides a visual overview of the layout of an office building or floor. The rooms and desks are clearly visible...

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What is Wayfinding?

Wayfinding gives both the user and the visitor insight into the different areas of the building. It indicates which direction the employee, or visitor, should go to reach...

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Which reports can I make from the collected data?

GoBright provides an Analytics tool, which is mainly focused on occupancy management and making the office more efficient. The reports show data such as no-shows and the...

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Can I invite colleagues or visitors to a meeting, together with my Room Booking?

Sometimes, it is necessary to meet face-to-face with your colleagues, clients or partners. Booking a suitable room for this occasion must be easy and efficient. Therefore, GoBright makes...

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Can I also link other services to my reservation?

Yes, catering can be directly booked and linked to your room booking. The user orders this during the process of booking the room. Because everything happens within the same system, miscommunications about...

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Suppose my meeting is running long, is it possible to extend the sitting?

It sometimes happens that a meeting is taking a while longer than you initially expected. Extending the meeting is therefore possible with the Room Control panel and the...

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Suppose my meeting ended sooner, is it possible to stop my reservation?

It sometimes happens that you were able to go over the things you wanted to discuss, faster than you initially expected. You can stop the meeting with the Read more

What preferences can I select when making a booking?

To use the various meeting rooms as efficiently as possible and to offer the best user experience, it is possible to apply different search filters in our software while...

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How can I book a meeting room?

You can book a room in different ways. Firstly, rooms can be booked in your personal calendar, in for example Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, or Google...

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How do room sensors work in a conference room?

GoBright Room Sensors are motion-based. This means that they detect movement in the room and collect this data, providing insight into when and how much the room is used....

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How can I see which meeting rooms are occupied or available?

There are several ways to check the availability of a room. First, there is the Room Panel, outside of the meeting room. Here you can see the current and...

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Can things like lighting, tv screen, sound etc. also be controlled via the GoBright software?

Room Control is an additional system for GoBright Room Booking. Room Control gives the user of the room the ability to control various aspects of the room, such...

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What are the benefits of working with GoBright's Room Booking software?

The GoBright Room Booking System is a user-friendly solution that integrates with various systems (Outlook, Teams, Google, FMIS), making it much more efficient for the user to book the...

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