Digiteq Automotive - A Volkswagen Group company
Case Story

Digiteq Automotive

Subsidiary of The Volkswagen Group has chosen for GoBright’s Desk Booking System to accommodate their employees’ wish for hybrid working.


For Digiteq, the direct motive for acquiring a desk booking system, was the Covid-19 pandemic. All of a sudden, the company had to deal with many employees who worked from home. When after a year and a half, 550 employees started coming back to the office, there was a need for good regulation in terms of how many people were at the office at the same time.

Digiteq Automotive is an innovative company with many specialists in the area of the production of cars. To keep their skilled employees happy, they wanted to provide them with a desk booking system that would accommodate to all of their needs.

Digiteq Automotive - A Volkswagen Group company

It was a tough decision to find the right booking system for our company. But we can see now that choosing for GoBright was a great step for our future development. The best is, we have over than 550 satisfied employees.

Alice Rutková Facility Manager
Digiteq Automotive - A Volkswagen Group company

The Solution

Digiteq came into contact with GoBright through our reseller Royal Ahrend (leading expert in the field of professional work environments). They had recommended GoBright to Digiteq Automotive as they considered it a perfect match. Because there was already a mutual trust between the parties, Digiteq requested a trial period for testing GoBright’s Desk Booking System.

After the trial period, Digiteq was so satisfied that they then decided to fully implement the Desk Booking System and the Mapping screens. All employees are now able to book desks in the app or in the portal, to make sure they have a seat at the office. Besides desk booking, Digiteq has also chosen for NFC stickers in order to measure occupancy.

Especially in a company such as Digiteq, with many employees, it  is beneficial to know where your colleagues are seated. The feature ‘Find my colleague’ is designed for this reason.  When necessary, employees can also make Team Bookings, to make sure multiple people are seated together to stimulate good collaboration.





Digiteq Automotive - A Volkswagen Group company

About Digiteq Automotive

Digiteq is a subsidiary of CARIAD SE and Škoda Autos, making them 100% member of the Volkswagen Group. The company was established in 2001 as a joint venture and showed continuous growth afterwards. Digiteq Automotive is specialised in the production of cars and has over 550 employees, with headquarters located in Prague, Czech Republic.
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Implementation of GoBright's Solutions at Digiteq Automotive

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