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Microsoft Outlook

Room Booking in Microsoft Outlook

In flexible workplaces, the office remains a central hub for collaboration, communication, and connection. Make Room Booking an easier process with GoBright’s Microsoft Outlook integration.

  • No more switching between systems;
  • Plug-in or integration;
  • Improve efficiency and employee experience.
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How to book rooms in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a communication and collaboration platform which helps you to organise email and schedule meetings. You also manage and share your calendar with others in Outlook. Since we offer both a plug-in and an integration, there are two ways in which you can book a meeting or conference room within Microsoft Outlook with GoBright.

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Booking meeting or conference rooms with the Outlook integration

Thanks to GoBright’s integration with Outlook, you can easily open the full GoBright Portal by clicking on the GoBright logo, and the booking process for meeting or conference rooms, desks, lockers, and parking spaces works the same as always. The integration also gives you access to the interactive Mapping, the Week Planner and other user advantages.

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Booking a meeting or conference room with the Outlook plug-in

The Outlook plug-in gives you access to GoBright Room Booking features within your Outlook environment. When arranging a meeting in Outlook, simply click on ‘Manage meeting’-button in your taskbar. This opens the GoBright Plug-in. From here, you have access to powerful search and room booking possibilities, directly in your personal Outlook calendar.

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The benefits of Room Booking in Outlook

With our Outlook integration, we help organise new ways of working in the smart office and make office life a better experience.

  • No switching

    Thanks to the Outlook integration and plug-in, users no longer have to switch between systems to finish setting up a meeting.

  • Advanced options

    Search for a meeting room based on your preferences, reserve catering and book extra room services.

  • All types of bookings

    Book meeting rooms, desks, lockers, and parking spaces within Outlook.

  • Office Analytics

    View your office's occupancy reports and make strategic data-driven decisions.

  • Managing visitors

    Invite and pre-register your visitors while booking a room.

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Booking rooms in advance to be ready for a meeting is called Room Booking. With a room booking system, people are able to search for and book a meeting...

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You can book a room in different ways. Firstly, rooms can be booked in your personal calendar, in for example Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, or Google...

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Thanks to GoBright’s plug-in in Microsoft Outlook, it is possible to book a meeting room when you schedule a meeting in Outlook. Open your personal calendar in Read more

How to book a meeting room using GoBright and Outlook?

GoBright provides an integration with Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange. When your IT department has installed this integration, employees can use Outlook to book meeting rooms just like they...

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