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Desk Booking

GoBright Glow

The Glow improves overall visibility of desk occupation statuses throughout the office.

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Glow features

The Glow is a small hardware device that can be mounted on a monitor, or on a desk separator. Its LED-colour indicates the desk’s availability, and it is compatible with both the Interact and Connect. Thanks to its compact design, it subtly improves visibility of desk availability at the office. Can’t find the desk you booked? Simply use the feature ‘Find my Desk’ in the GoBright App, and the Glow and its corresponding piece of hardware will start blinking.


Employee wellbeing

Desk Management contributes to the well-being of your employees. They should be able to focus on things that are really important, without having to worry about uncertainties such as ‘Do I have a place to work when I go to the office? How do I find my workplace? Is my workplace clean? Can I organise my workplace according to my preferences?’

GoBright Glow

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