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Hybrid Working

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What is Hybrid Working?

Hybrid Working is a flexible working model where employees work partly in the physical office space and partly remotely (at home or any other chosen location). The idea...

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What are the benefits of Hybrid Working?

Hybrid working has many interesting benefits. The hybrid working model fits well with current wishes and objectives that modern job seekers and employees have. Studies have shown that...

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Why is hybrid working important?

That Hybrid Working is an important and relevant matter is proven by the fact that it is currently a C-level priority within many organisations.  The hybrid model fits...

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How do you manage the hybrid workplace?

One of the drivers of the hybrid working model is flexibility. Employees from all over the world wonder how they can increase their flexibility in and around the...

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What are the challenges when implementing Hybrid Working?

It is important that employers keep communicating with employees and that they pay extra attention to the behavior, wishes and wellbeing of employees. The hybrid office must be set...

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What is the impact of hybrid work on the workforce?

Hybrid Working automatically comes with flexibility and autonomy. When designing your personal workday/workweek, people often feel their private,- and work life is much better balanced. Being happy and...

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