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Admiral Group

Parking Space Booking, along with Room Booking and Desk Booking, transformed Admiral Group’s workspace – a multinational insurance company offering various insurance products. Motivating employees and optimising parking spaces improved overall efficiency and collaboration.


The pandemic and the push for hybrid work reduced the worry about managing multiple buildings for Admiral Group. Focusing on active collaboration became crucial for supporting daily operations, stimulating the company culture, and strengthening work relationships.

The need arose to introduce a platform that would give the possibility to employees to proactively book and interact with their environment. In specific, Admiral Group was in the search of Smart Booking Solutions for their desks, meeting rooms and parking places, in an easy, logical, and efficient manner.  They also wanted to maintain clear lines of data, to support new work and ownership strategies.


GoBright - Admiral - Office - Building

GoBright aligned with our needs and was able to adapt with us in a mutual partnership. The platform is easy to use, has a great interface to manage bookings, and GoBright proactively develops the end-user experience and data sets.

Huw Llewellyn Head of Real Estate and FM
GoBright - Admiral Group

The Solution

Admiral Group optimises workplace efficiency with GoBright’s Room Booking, Desk Booking, Parking Booking, and Microsoft Integrations, sourced through a tender with our reseller SCC, in the United Kingdom. The innovative Room Sensors of our Room Booking system enable real-time room availability. When you don’t need a meeting room anymore but forget to cancel your booking, it will automatically become available for others to use after a certain amount of time. The Desk Booking system improves workspace management, seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

Furthermore, the implementation of GoBright at Admiral Group includes Parking Space Booking, a feature that allows employees to book their parking spaces. This added functionality ensures that employees have the convenience of securing a parking space in advance. A feeling of assurance motivates the employees to come to the office and plan their office days ahead. The option to book parking spaces aligns seamlessly with Admiral Group’s dedication to providing a comprehensive solution for workplace management. This forward-thinking approach not only improves operational efficiency but also highlights Admiral Group’s commitment to creating a work environment that prioritises the needs and preferences of its employees.


GoBright - Admiral Group


Following the implementation of the Smart Workplace Solutions provided by GoBright, Admiral Group began to notice good results from an office occupancy perspective. The tools motivated employees to go to the office more often as they make life in the office easier and more organised.

GoBright aligned with Admiral’s needs and was able to adapt in a mutual working partnership. Admiral’s employees noticed how easy it was to use the platform and to manage their bookings. Next to that they appreciated how GoBright proactively tries to develop a better end-user experience and improved data collection and analytics.

The booking tools gave people the chance to organise their time better and improve collaboration. Employees started to experience more control over their working day. They are now willing to go to the office and enjoy their time with the rest of the colleagues.




GoBright - Admiral Group

About Admiral Group

Admiral Group, a UK-based insurance company, excels in providing innovative and customer-centric insurance solutions. Specialising in car insurance, Admiral has revolutionised the industry with its telematics-based policies and user-friendly services. With a commitment to transparency and competitive pricing, Admiral Group stands as a beacon of excellence in the insurance sector.

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