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How can you measure Office Space Utilisation?

Office Space Utilisation is the amount of space that is used in your office. It focuses mostly on how an office space is divided and used by employees over a certain timeframe. Office Space Utilisation is best measured by occupancy measuring and making data-driven decisions based on the information that comes out of occupancy reports. Optimising the space in your office benefits the employer in costs and the employees in collaborative options.

Where to start?

Assess your workspace

Before you take any steps in redesigning your office, it is important to map what you already have. How many rooms do your employees have to host meetings? And how many desks are present at your office? How much space do you have to utilise?

Gather information

When you have mapped your inventory and office space, you can start gathering information on what you and your employees need. This can be easily achieved by using Workplace Analytics. If you make use of Room Booking and Desk Booking systems such as GoBright’s, workplace analytics can provide you with more insight into the occupancy rates in your office. Are all of your desks being used? Which rooms are most used and why? Do they have the best facilities?

Make a plan

After you have gained insight in the occupancy rates in your office, it is time to redesign the workspace. You may have discovered that you have way too many desks, and way too little meeting rooms. This information can be used to replace the surplus of desk spaces with for example a new meeting room.

A new way of working

Optionally, you can choose to optimise your office occupancy by implementing a new flexible way of working, called Hot Desking. This type of flexible working abandons the idea of fixed desks and allows for your employees to choose where they will take a seat on an ad hoc basis. This will stimulate your employees to share desks, resulting in a reduction of needed workspaces. If you want to learn more about the advantages of hot desking, feel free to read our article.

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