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What is Desk Booking?

Desk Booking is the possibility to reserve a desk or workplace in advance, so employees are guaranteed of a workplace when they arrive at the office. It has many...

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What is a Desk Booking System?

A desk booking system allows employees of a business to book their workplace or desk remotely, for example from home or while traveling. With GoBright Desk Booking, desks can be...

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What are the benefits of a Desk Booking System?

Implementing a Desk Booking system into your office environment has several benefits for both the employees and the employer. 1. Facilitates new ways of working We know that flexible working, or...

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Why do I need a Desk Booking solution?

Desk Booking allows you to manage and control the occupancy at the office. Monitoring and measuring occupancy rate has many interesting advantages. First, you can create availability for...

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What is hot desking?

Hot Desking is a way of flexible working. Most people don’t need the same desk every day, all day long. As a result, desks often remain unused for...

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What are the advantages of hot desking?

More and more offices are introducing hot desking into their work culture. At the core of hot desking is the elimination of personal desks. This means that employees work...

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How do I implement hot desking successfully?

Hot desking is currently trending among businesses and is an indispensable aspect of the Office of the Future. It can be quite challenging to switch from a workplace...

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What is desk hoteling software?

Desk Hoteling (or Office Hoteling) is the complete process of reserving a desk and checking in and out of the desk. This process is dynamic which means that employees...

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What are the benefits of Hoteling Software for employees?

Hoteling helps to create a flexible office environment with many different benefits for employees. A number of benefits are:

  • Staying connected and collaborating effortlessly with co-workers in the flexible workplace....

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How to manage Office Hoteling?

Managing Office Hoteling by using a Desk Booking System is your best option. With a desk management system employees can book their workplace, check-in when they arrive and check-out...

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What are the benefits of Hoteling Software for employers?

Hoteling helps to create a flexible office environment with benefits for employers. A number of benefits are:

  • Giving employees free reign of their work day and way working stimulates morale,...

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Is hot desking Covid-19 proof?

As people will start sharing desks, it is logical that you want to know whether this is a responsible way of working considering the coronavirus. As with any other...

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How do I know if my office needs Workplace Management?

Workspace management is indispensable for all offices. It is crucial to have insights into how your office is being used by your employees. Only then can you adjust your...

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How many workplaces do I need?

You can determine how many workplaces you need based on the actual occupancy rate in the office. Many offices have no insight into the actual occupancy rate. As a...

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Will Desk Booking work for my office?

Desk Booking software is designed to create flexibility and availability in the office. Using such systems can help you manage and control the occupation strategy at the office. As...

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Can you add additional information to a desk in the GoBright system?

With the Mapping tool in the Online Portal, you always have live overview of all available and unavailable rooms and desks. When you hover your cursor over the...

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Does GoBright have a Team Booking function?

Sometimes, it is necessary to work together at the office. In these cases, it is time-consuming to have to look for the right colleagues and find available seating areas...

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Can I book a desk for half a day?

You won’t always spend the entire day at the office. You might want to go home early to tend to your children, or you might have to visit a...

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Is GoBright's Desk Booking solution suitable for all business types?

The GoBright solutions are suitable for every organisation that wishes to take flexible working to the next level. We offer innovative solutions for all businesses who are ready to...

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Which data analyses are generated in the GoBright system?

GoBright Analytics are focused on making the office more efficient. Therefore, the feature measures all data that have to do with occupancy management. Think of the occupancy rate...

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How does the desk sensor work?

Besides measuring movement accurately, the sensors also detect body heat. This means that even when you sit very still at your desk, the sensor will know and report that...

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Suppose I booked a desk and I decide to work at home after all. What should I do then?

Life sometimes happens and your plans may have to be rescheduled. It is very possible that while you planned to work at the office, you are suddenly needed at...

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Can I see where my colleagues work?

Especially in larger offices, it can be very convenient to see where your colleagues are seated that day. You might want to ask them a question directly, or take...

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How can I see which desks are available when I enter the department?

When you walk into the office, it is important that it is easily visible which desks are occupied and which are available. This is why most offices have a...

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How do I book a desk with GoBright?

A Desk Booking can be made in various ways. First and foremost, you can use the Online Portal on your desktop. This portal is also available in GoBright’s...

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Can the GoBright Connect control height-adjustable desks?

Yes! When your height-adjustable desks have a Linak actuator system for work desks, it can be controlled with our Connect via the desk booking software. You can...

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Do I need to check out when I leave my desk (early)?

On less busy days, you may be able to leave the office earlier than you expected. You can check out of your desk by scanning the GoBright Connect...

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Can I extend my Desk Booking if I decide to stay longer?

Sometimes, your job requires you to stay a little longer at your desk. When there is no reservation scheduled after yours, it is therefore entirely possible to extend your...

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What are the disadvantages of a Desk Booking System?

We are advocates for a good Desk Booking System. But... Are there any disadvantages?  Which aspects should you consider when integrating desk booking at the office? 1. Hierarchy disruption and...

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How can I find my booked desk?

When you enter the office you can check your Mobile App, a feature of our desk sharing tool. You can see what desk is yours for that day....

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What are the disadvantages of hot desking?

Besides the advantages of Hot Desking, there are also some challenges to overcome. Below you find a short list with the most prominent problems of hot desking. Uncertainty of...

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Why should I book my workplace in advance?

Even with a Desk Booking system such as GoBright’s, it is still possible to choose a desk ad hoc when you enter the building at the start of...

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