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A partnership that combines soft- and hardware for meeting employee needs.

The workplace is an ever-changing environment, so it is no news that many offices are currently reshaping and redesigning. The world is digitalising in all aspects and workplaces naturally cannot stay behind. To meet employee demands for flexibility and technological assistance in dat-to-day tasks, many employers are incorporating Smart Workplace Technology into their office furniture. These can be used to enhance collaboration and communication, improve productivity, and monitor employee behaviour in the workplace. As a result, thanks to the collection of data, employers can create a comfortable working environment that employees need and want.


GoBright’s newest furniture partner is ASSMANN.


Put the people first

GoBright’s expertise is Smart Workplace Technology: digital solutions for the workplace that make life at work easier. We do this with Room Booking, Desk Booking, Visitor Registration and Digital Signage, including all kinds of features that are tailored to the needs of the user. However, software alone doesn’t cut it for the average user. This is why GoBright actively searches for partners that have the same priorities.


ASSMANN’s range of office furniture is designed to fit human needs. In their own words, they “create inspiring contemporary spaces where people feel good and enjoy working”. We know that no matter how much technology advances, the people remain the core to any business. In the end, it’s them that inspire and do the work. GoBright and ASSMANN share this important value, so we are excited to see this partnership evolve.

Chris Wiegeraad, commercial director of GoBright says the following about the partnership: “GoBright and ASSMANN share the same passion for family values and customer happiness. This drives them both daily to develop and make the most innovative solutions in their business, which makes the users of it happy and give them a great experience during their workday. Because of this we have high expectations of this cooperation which is based on a relationship that started years ago.”.

Nils Linnemann, Product Manager Electronic Solutions for ASSMANN, also expresses his optimism regarding the partnership: “We are excited to welcome GoBright as our new partner! With GoBright as a partner, we can offer our customers a first-class solution in the field of booking software that is reliable and user-friendly. We look forward to a successful cooperation with this innovative company and are sure that we will be able to offer our customers real added value.”.



ASSMANN Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG is a German family company, that operates Europe-wide. Its head office and production site are based in Melle, close to Osnabrück (Lower Saxony). The company owns one of the most advanced furniture production sites in Europe. Since ASSMANN was founded in 1939, it develops and produces functional and design-oriented office furniture solutions with a high standard of quality. ASSMANN achieved 148 million € in sales in 2022. Executive Partner Dirk Aßmann runs the company in the third generation. Its success story is based on the ASSMANN principle “good work” for many years now. The leitmotif is firmly integrated in the internal workflow and brand identity. Furthermore, the company pursues a consistent and consequent sustainability strategy. The broad product portfolio ranges from flexible office desks, storage systems, reception furniture, seminar and acoustic solutions to modern lounge furniture systems. Moreover, ASSMANN’s services include conceptional interior planning, individual consulting, furnishing of advanced office solutions and the delivery with its own truck- and installation service. The company is represented with its sales locations and showrooms in Berlin, München, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart and Hamburg as well as all over Europe in London, Paris, Vienna, Aarau, Manchester and Amsterdam.


ASSMANN - GoBright furniture partner


About GoBright

GoBright is specialised in Smart Workplace Solutions that support modern ways of working. With our Room Booking, Desk Booking, Visitor Registration and Digital Signage solutions, we bring transparency and data-based insights to the office environment. These solutions are enriched with features that are developed specifically to increase user-friendliness, such as the locker integration and car parking. GoBright connects employees, users, and managers in the office building by creating user-friendly software. Shape your own workday, manage your space, collaborate, and communicate in a flexible working environment.

We aim to make Flexible Working possible for every employee. Based on data, choices can be made to make the office more efficient and sustainable. Office space can for example be redesigned, possibly saving costs. Office transformation is forged by working with GoBright.


GoBright x ASSMANN premiere

The partnership between GoBright and ASSMANN will be first visible on the Facilities Show in London from 16 – 19 May. ASSMANN’s lockers will be equipped with LEHMANN locks, and integrated with the GoBright Booking System. Making it possible to book a locker in the GoBright Portal. Come check it out at booth FM. 4010!

In fact, after the Facilities Show, GoBright will be showcased in ASSMANN’s showroom at the Clerkenwell Design Week from 23 – 25 May. The address is 75a Turnmill Street, London EC1M 5SY.


GoBright - Facilities Show London - 2023

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