GoBright - Case Study - CHG-MERIDIAN - Desk Booking
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Implementing desk booking and room booking solutions to accommodate the growth of employees in the hybrid workplace.


CHG-MERIDIAN Italia S.p.A. is a steadily growing company, and since 2022, the number of employees is bigger than the number of available desks at the office. Since the introduction of hybrid working, CHG-MERIDIAN Italia S.p.A.’s employees work from home two days a week, on average. Using GoBright’s solutions, the company can analyse and measure the office’s occupancy in an easy and intuitive way.

The offices of CHG-MERIDIAN Italia S.p.A. have 35 desks in an open-space environment, 2 individual offices, and 2 meeting rooms. The need for a workplace management system comes from the urge to grow as a company, and from the increase of employees without the burden of having to change or expand the office.

In this case, it would be both impossible and inefficient to have a “traditional” office with static workplaces, because these would remain unused multiple days a week due to hybrid working, meetings, and traveling.

Thanks to the Desk Booking Solution, employees gain insight into the availability of workplaces, enabling them to plan when they work at the office and when from home. Besides, they are guaranteed a workplace the moment they make a reservation. An additional advantage is that the employer has more insight into the office’s occupancy.

GoBright - Case Study - CHG-MERIDIAN - Desk Booking

The project met the needs of the company, optimised the available spaces and provided the ability to grow without having to change the office.

Andrea Bonin Vice President Finance at CHG-MERIDIAN Italia S.p.A.
GoBright - Case Study - CHG-MERIDIAN - Desk Booking

Getting rid of the static workplace meant that departments were able to blend in together. This resulted in the transfer of knowledge and competences throughout the company. We are completely satisfied with the results.

Elena Paragoni HR-manager at CHG-MERIDIAN Italia S.p.A.
GoBright - Case Study - CHG-MERIDIAN - Desk Booking

Implementing GoBright

The installation of the GoBright Desk Booking System was done by the System Integrator MR Digital, in cooperation with Intermark Sistemi. The most important element of the implementation is the GoBright Connect, which was applied to every desk with a Caddy. These Connects show the occupation status of a desk in the blink of an eye thanks to the LED lights. They can also be used to check in and out. When checked in, the user can use the Connect to adjust their desks’ height automatically.

The occupancy status is visible on the interactive map, the Online Portal, and the Mobile App, and is always updated in real time. To create even better visibility at physical workplaces, CHG-MERIDIAN Italia S.p.A. also chose to implement the GoBright Glow at every desk. This is an extra visual indicator that is connected to the Connect and can be attached to monitors or desk dividers.

Besides Desk Booking, GoBright has also provided the company with our Room Booking System. The Room Panels that come with the room booking software effectively show the room’s occupancy. With the addition of the interactive map on the work floor, employees have fully up-to-date information on the availability of desks and rooms. Both the Room Panels and the interactive map at the office are ProDVX screens.





GoBright - Case Study - CHG-MERIDIAN - Desk Booking

About CHG-MERIDIAN Italia S.p.A.

The CHG-Meridian Italia S.p.A. Group is one of the most prominent international businesses for leasing services, independent from banks and suppliers, for technology in the IT, industry, and healthcare sectors.

Over 12,000 customers trust CHG-MERIDIAN Italia S.p.A. to manage their technological infrastructure. The Group is internationally present, active in 28 countries with 1100 employees. At the end of 2021, CHG-MERIDIAN Italia S.p.A. managed a total technology portfolio of €7,8 billion. The headquarters are located in Weingarten, Germany. The Italian office is in Vimercate.
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Implementation of GoBright's Solutions at CHG-MERIDIAN Italia S.p.A.

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