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Webinar: The Future of the Office is Hybrid


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The Hybrid Office perfectly matches the wishes and needs employees have nowadays. They need flexibility and want to work in a high-quality work environment. The increase in flexibility and the possibility to work hybrid has led to a better balanced work/life ratio and in general healthier, happier and more loyal employees. If you want to remain an attractive employer, you can no longer stay behind.

Hybrid working is the new way of working. Because employees alternately go to the office or work from home, you will have to implement reliable Workplace Management tools to 1) Make workplaces bookable, 2) Create clarity and insight into the availability of workplaces and the presence of colleagues and teams and 3) Collect data regarding the use of the office to make future-proof strategic choices.

During the webinar “The future of the Office – Hybrid Working” GoBright Commercial Director Chris Wiegeraad tells you more about working life at the office nowadays, the trends and developments, and how Room Booking and Desk Booking contribute positively to Hybrid Working environments.

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