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What are the trends in future offices?

Trends in offices change according to society’s values. While offices used to be perceived as grey and boring, people currently want offices to provide them with a safe space for creativity and collaboration.



Sustainability is currently one of the most talked about subjects. People are becoming more and more environmentally aware, wanting to live and work sustainably. You can play into this development by using sustainable materials in designing your office space and offering sustainable materials for your employees to work with.


Innovative technology

In order to make working at the office most attractive for your employees, you must make it easy and flexible. Employees shouldn’t just be working with technology, your technology should work for your employees. Consider investing in software that connects your people even better, such as room booking and desk booking systems. With these systems, employees are able to collaborate more easily, for example by booking a room to meet each other at a convenient time, or by reserving several desks beside each other for quick and direct communication. Solutions such as digital signage can be used for important updates and messages, or for wayfinding.



Diversity has never been more important to the world. It is important to stimulate having people from different backgrounds in your team, as this brings about different strengths and stimulates creativity. While diversity is overall beneficial to your team, you might want to keep in mind that bringing in different people comes with different working styles. Every person is different and therefore works best under different conditions. To be able to fulfil everybody’s needs, it could be an idea to make all spaces wheelchair accessible and to implement a silent room for those employees who need it. When you make sure all of your employees feel considered and thought about, they will feel important and valued in your company.


Hybrid working

The popularity of hybrid working has been on the rise for the past couple of years. Working from home is easier than ever, with the current technology. New employees highly value this working style, as it gives them more freedom and autonomy over their working day. As a company, you need to make sure that both working from home and at the office are attractive. Investing in conference tools such as Microsoft Teams is a great option to make sure your employees can collaborate, wherever they work from.

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