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Arrange your appointment, meeting room and catering & service all together directly in Outlook via the GoBright Outlook Plugin. Let the whole process of organizing a meeting run smoothly with GoBright Catering & Services and book all needed peripheral direct when you’re scheduling the meeting in one simple action.

Coffee, tea and water are welcome essentials during a meeting. Or a tasty lunch during the break. Maybe you need a second presentation screen or wireless audio set. So what do you currently do? You let your receptionist handle it, you enter the request in a Facility Management Information System or do you contact the service provider yourself? So now you ready right? But what do you do if the meeting is rescheduled to another day?

Because our catering & service module is fully integrated in our Room Booking System it will eliminate the chance of miscommunication and organizational errors. Why? GoBright makes it possible to drag-and-drop an appointment  in your calendar. And all invitees, service providers and meeting room will be automatically informed and updated. Not having the right equipment during a meeting or a service provider showing up with lunch at an empty meeting room, is a thing of the past.

The GoBright Catering & Services module is not only an order service for users, but also a complete order handling system for service providers. When you schedule an appointment the back-end will automatically send a notification of the requested item(s), amounts, space and delivery time to the service provider. You can put together the service catalogue with your own wishes. Divide it into groups, for example: foods, drinks and av-services and create sub-items within each group.  You can see a real-time status of approved, open, cancelled or completed applications in our platform. This is accessible for both the organizer and the relevant departments.

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