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6 Tips to Become the Best Co-worker

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Bright people are good co-workers

We spend most of our time in the office, surrounded by our colleagues and superiors. We must make an effort towards those who share the working day with us. Helping each other and supporting each other can only bring positive results within the company and make your work experience better. Let’s find out together which are the best gestures to make towards your colleagues.

What’s the recipe for being a good colleague?

Indeed made a list of factors that contribute to being a good co-worker. From this list, we have selected some key traits. We at GoBright believe that these traits are essential to create a pleasant environment and to be the best colleague.

Interested in becoming the best colleague? Here you can find some tips:

Tip 1: Be respectful
A good colleague prioritises treating everyone with respect, even amidst occasional conflicts. The main skill  is to express dissenting opinions courteously and contribute to discussions in a constructive manner.

Tip 2: Be reliable
When you make a promise, make sure your co-workers can count on you and trust that you follow through. Employees like working with someone consistent.

Tip 3: Be collaborative
Effective teamwork increases members’ capacity to collaborate harmoniously. Colleagues typically value those who exhibit a readiness to cooperate and exert effort in collective projects.

Tip 4: Be honest
Being honest with your colleagues is essential to build a strong team. Admit mistakes, ask for help if you do not know how to deal with an issue or with a task. Your colleagues will be happy to support you and help you as long as you are sincere.

Tip 5: Be open to feedback
Ask for feedback and be open to constructive criticism. It will help you improve in your tasks and become more proficient with your job.

Tip 6: Be kind-hearted
Be available to listen, to respect, and to be gentle with the rest of your team. We are all humans after all , and we should all understand we are all different. Help and support whenever you can. People appreciate kindness and are more willing to reciprocate.

Offer coffee to your colleagues, hold the door open for them if they have to pass by, listen to them and help them. All this brings great benefits and maintains a pleasant and healthy working environment.

In the end, being good with the rest of your team can only be an advantage. You spend a great part of your time at the office. That’s why it is better to invest into positive energies, and be kind towards those that surround you during your working day.

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Plan Your Week Ahead

Another good way to be the best colleague, is to plan you working week in advance so that the rest of your team knows when you are available at the office and when you work remotely. It is a smart way to indirectly communicate with other people and let them know in advance where they can find you. It makes it easier for them also to arrange their schedule.

The Week Planner is the perfect tool to face collaboration and to have an immediate overview of the whereabouts of your colleagues.

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