One user friendly platform – Three smart concepts


Desk Connect & Glow – Flexible workspaces become personal

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Check the availability of a room in the blink of an eye


Turns a flexible workspace into your personal desk


Easy and GDPR-proof digital self-registration by visitors



A good planning is essential to get the maximum return from meetings and meeting rooms. But sometimes people want to sit right now, apart from the planning. Then it would be very useful to directly see which meeting rooms are available and for how long. GoBright Meet...


CUSTOMER The new generation of employees has other requirements for a meeting. Nowadays, the so-called 'huddle rooms' are gaining popularity. Rooms in which you can exchange ideas quickly and easily collaborate with the help of video conferencing tools. With internal...


Today, new styles of working are changing organizations and offices. Employees want to organize a meeting independently by reserving a room, catering and other services easily and directly. They want the visible occupation status of a flexible workplace and findability of colleagues. Their guests don’t have to wait too long at the reception and must be at their destination quickly.

GoBright meets these needs. We are creating availability by supporting employees with three accessible concepts for Meet, Work and Visit Management. So that they are able to do their work smartly, pleasantly and efficiently. We are giving organizations the opportunity to develop new ways of working and save costs and energy.

Technology makes it possible, GoBright makes it available.


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How to increase the customer experience of your visitors

In addition to our digital visitor-registration, GoBright introduces a visitor pre-registration that allows employees to pre-register their guests in the Outlook plugin while planning a meeting. Now visitors only have to check in upon arrival with just a QR-code. Our...

Create your personal assistant in the meeting room

A meeting is almost over before you realize it Time flies, even during meetings. Suddenly the next users are in the meeting room to start using it. Recognizable? Our app will send you a reminder notification just before the meeting ends, but it would be more useful if...

A meeting is more than just talking | Catering and Service

Arrange your appointment, meeting room and catering & service all together directly in Outlook via the GoBright Outlook plugin. Let the whole process of organizing a meeting run, smoothly with GoBright Catering & Services and book all needed peripheral direct when you’re scheduling the meeting in one simple action.