Desk booking is not just about being able to reserve a workplace. You also want to know what the actual occupancy rate is and how many no-shows there are. Based on this information you can make analyses and optimally organise the workplace.

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NFC Sticker features

If you want to experience the full possibilities of GoBright desk booking, we advise you to use the Connect in combination with a desk sensor. But, if you’re looking for a fast and affordable solution for checking in/out at a desk and occupancy measuring, the NFC sticker is the way to go.

  • list-itemEasy implementation
  • list-itemLow cost – low effort
  • list-itemNo need to drill a hole in the desk
  • list-itemCheck in with the app
  • list-itemOccupation status visible on ‘Mapping’
  • list-itemCompatible with iPhone 7 or later, or NFC enabled Android mobile phone

What do you miss compared to Connect / Sensor:

  • Status of the desks  is not visible on the desk itself (green / red / blue / purple);
  • The Connect flashes to indicate which desk is yours;
  • The Connect has a ‘do not disturb’ mode;
  • With the built-in Connect you can also automate the height adjustability of your desk;
  • The sensor provides automatic check in/out, without NFC scanning.

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