Digital Signage

Digital Signage, also called narrowcasting, is displaying information on screens directed to a specific target group, at the right place and at the right time. It is an essential part of the modern communication strategy of any organisation.

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Endless possibilities

The possibilities for using Digital Signage are endless. In addition to the standard general applications (e.g. announcements, advertisements, current weather forecast and traffic information) there is a great variety in displaying specific information (e.g. timetables, figures, dashboards and KPIs ).

The software is an essential part, but having a good communication plan is just as important. Which content do you want to display, which amount is the most efficient? Who is allowed to place the content? How is the corporate identity monitored? In the View software, various items can be set and managed to help with this. Our specialised distributors and resellers can advise you.

Why GoBright View?

There are many Digital Signage solutions. With the major part, you will most likely be able to realise your communication wishes just fine. GoBright View however has a unique distinguishing point like no other package. It is part of the broad GoBright platform for room booking, desk booking and visitor management; solutions that reinforce the Smart Office principle, optimise working conditions and make cooperation more efficient. Good and modern provision of information is an essential part of this.
GoBright View is a very complete, cloud-based Digital Signage solution, which is user-friendly, works intuitively and is designed according to the latest insights. It is supported by WebOS 3.2 or higher and is compatible with the WebOS Box, including RS-232 supprt. Functional data from Meet, Work & Visit can easily and efficiently be planned and displayed from the GoBright platform via the View software . Users work from one web portal, mastering only one software package. This enhances the ease of use and the effectiveness enormously. As a result, the software will be used more often.

Users, service and support questions can be asked to the same distributor, making ICT management much easier. The software license includes updates, upgrades, security and maintenance. GoBright View is the perfect addition within our Smart Office concept.

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