Digital Signage

Super easy! This is one of the key benefits of working with GoBright digital signage software. You can change your content at the touch of a button using digital...

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GoBright Digital Signage is compatible with any brand, size and type of LCD/LED or IPS display screen.

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Basically, there are no limitations. You can display the same content on all your screens, or choose to have different content for some/all of them. The possibilities are endless. With...

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  • Option 1: A Display / screen + player PC à software runs on player.
  • Option 2: A Display / screen with webOS.

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GoBright Visitor Registration is managed and controlled via web-based (cloud) software. This content management software (CMS) can be accessed from any computer. The software is easy to use...

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Digital Signage, also called narrowcasting, is displaying information on screens directed to a specific target group, at the right place and at the right time. It is an essential...

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