Control of the presentation display

GoBright Control also gives you the opportunity to manage some basic functions of the presentation display. When your reservation starts GoBright Control automatically turns on the screen and selects the right input source. You can choose other inputs and adjust the sound volume of the speakers by yourself. Why would you buy a luxurious and expensive control system if this is sufficient?

GoBright Control

GoBright Control shows at a glance how long the meeting room has been booked for, so that you can extend the reservation or finish the meeting on time.

Why GoBright Control:

  • Perfect solution for huddle and small meeting rooms
  • Visible time clock
  • Direct possibility to extend or stop the meeting
  • Immediately report a malfunction
  • Easy set up and highly configurable
  • Smartens up the room and prevents manual handling
  • Expandable with e.g. light control

Communication methods

  • Raw (mostly RS232) commands over TCP/IP​
    • Send raw command to the devices​
    • Receive device status from the devices​ (Coming soon)
  • Call web hooks using HTTP​ (Coming soon)
    • Call a web hook, e.g. set a scene on a RAKO light control unit​

Highly configurable

  • Configure devices
  • Customize buttons
  • Set up default values for when the meeting starts
  • Set up commands
  • Configure own commands

Other set up possibilities

  • HDMI switcher; if more HDMI inputs are needed
  • An extra screen; if two screens are needed
  • Additional router; Why use an additional router?​
  • Create a small sub-network for the AV control setup.​
  • IP addresses are always the same for every meeting room – this makes it easy to duplicate and maintain.​
  • Only one IP address will be required in the office network (instead of four)​

Control components

Software€ 59,- per room a year

HardwareNo hardware needed