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AuDeo are proud to partner with GoBright offering smart workplace solutions that transform and enhance clients’ work spaces and meeting rooms.

  • Re-imagining workspaces and meeting rooms;
  • Audio Visual solutions for the hybrid workplace;
  • Reliable & functional Audio Visual designs tailored to your unique requirements;
  • Leading Audio Visual support with a personal approach.
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About Audeo

AuDeo is a specialist provider of highly productive meeting spaces and Audio Visual solutions. We’re all about meetings. Our focus is on selecting the right AV technologies to enable successful and productive meetings. We’ve been confidently connecting teams through cutting edge meeting solutions for over 20 years.

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Our partnership

GoBright’s solutions truly complement AuDeo’s aim to deliver the best meeting experiences possible. Visitor registration and wayfinding solutions ensure a warm welcome and quick check-in. Booking systems deliver a truly smooth process to find and book suitable meeting rooms and hot desk spaces. AuDeo fully integrates these systems to create positive environments where employees can work, meet and collaborate effectively.

GoBright - Network - Reseller - AuDeo

“The flexibility, scalability and range of hardware and software available with GoBright has allowed us to fulfill our clients requirements however big or small. Not only is it easy to use, the knowledge gained from being able to monitor and interpret how and when desks and rooms are being used can be invaluable in planning future resources.”

Brad Davis Commercial Directer AuDeo

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