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Alblasserdam, July 10th 2024 – GoBright welcomes LOGICDATA as new partner. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in improving workplace efficiency and productivity.

As the workplace landscape continues to evolve, the fusion of technology and furniture solutions is important. Recognising this, GoBright welcomes LOGICDATA as new partner. This collaboration enables us to offer comprehensive workplace management solutions, seamlessly integrating LOGICDATA’s expertise in adjustable technology. Offices can now optimise their workspaces to unmatched levels through this partnership. With this partnership we can provide more options to our customers and furniture partners.

Chris Wiegeraad, Commercial Director at GoBright, commented, “Having plenty of experience in the field, we’re now entering a new partnership. In 2018, when we were seeking an integration with height-adjustable workstations. LOGICDATA stood out as a potential partner for GoBright. Their global leadership in this area caught our attention. They specialise in control systems and activators for height-adjustable workplaces. Together, LOGICDATA and GoBright are unlocking the potential of flexible hight adjustable workspaces, providing the tools and cloud-based technology needed for success in today’s dynamic office environment. LOGICDATA’s well known expertise and dedication to quality align seamlessly with our purpose, making them the perfect collaborator for creating the human office.”

By using LOGICDATA’s innovative solutions and GoBright’s user-friendly software, organisations can improve workplace management, ultimately driving productivity and employee satisfaction to new heights.

Advantages of GoBright X LOGICDATA certified partnership

Gain more freedom of choice among various brands and desk types. Experience the seamless integration with GoBright Interact with desk height memory function.

The memory function is seamlessly integrated into the GoBright system and can be accessed through the GoBright Interact feature. Within the GoBright Portal, you simply your preferred sitting and standing heights. Upon checking in via the Interact at any desk, it automatically adjusts to your preferred height. Offering a distinctive feature in the realm of sit and stand desks. This presents an ideal opportunity to explore the additional advantages of GoBright Desk Booking System and the perks of GoBright Interact, including visibility of workplace availability denoted by colors like red and green. Additionally, unique colours such as blue signify “do not disturb,” while purple indicates “needs cleaning” status.

Pair LOGICDATA technology with GoBright Interact for real-time workplace visibility and reservations, ensuring optimal productivity and convenience. Customers who have furnished their offices with desk actuator system from LOGICDATA can optimise their workplace booking process. They can do so by utilising high-quality height-adjustable bases and other amenities provided by LOGICDATA.

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About GoBright

A better office experience is an important part of everybody’s “work-life” balance. GoBright transforms and innovates offices into smart environments, resulting in great office experiences. We believe in the power of a modern work environment that prioritises people, efficiency, and flexibility. Aspirations lead us to envision a future where work transcends mere obligation, becoming a catalyst for fulfillment and progress. We extend an invitation to embark on a transformative journey for your office space.


LOGICDATA specialises in ergonomic solutions, known for innovative designs that improve workplace well-being. Focused on adjustable desks and intelligent workplace solutions. LOGICDATA blends technology and ergonomic expertise to create dynamic, productive environments. With user-centric design and sustainability at its core, LOGICDATA sets new standards for workplace innovation and employee satisfaction.


A merger with Jiecang

This collaboration is strengthened by LOGICDATA’s acquisition of Jiecang in 2021, expanding their range of offerings. Jiecang’s expertise in height-adjustable desks perfectly complements GoBright’s focus on enhancing workplace ergonomics and flexibility.

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