Show information to a specific target group, in the right place, at the right time.

GoBright View is an essential part of the modern communication strategy of every organisation.

  • list-itemAlways the right content on screens.
  • list-itemSuitable for practically any type of content.
  • list-itemInforms your target audience in an efficient manner.

Unique digital signage software with great qualities like custom made design, intuitive planning and (automatic) links to other information sources.

GoBright View - Digital Signage - Narrowcasting
GoBright Meet - Room Booking - Room Management


What to expect

GoBright View is a very complete, cloud-based Digital Signage solution. User-friendly, intuitive and designed according to the latest insights. GoBright View can be used for general applications (e.g., communications, advertising and current weather and traffic), but also for specific data requirements (e.g., schedules, sales figures, dashboards and KPIs).

Unique possibilities

Data from Meet, Work and Visit modules can be shown directly on displays.

User friendly

Work within the same GoBright web portal as for Meet, Work and Visit.

Custom made design

Create slides in your own corporate identity for recognisability and professionalism.

Standard widgets

All kinds of widgets (information blocks) with fixed or dynamic content are included in the software.

Functional links

(Automatic) links with the most diverse external data sources can be realized.

Amazing features to take your digital signage to the next level

GoBright View - digital signage - Software

GoBright View is more than a standard digital signage solution. The View software is part of the broad GoBright platform, which means that functional data can be planned and displayed easily and efficiently on the screens at the office.

  • list-itemUsers work with the same GoBright online portal
  • list-itemPromotes user convenience and effectiveness
  • list-itemUser, service and support questions can be asked to the same distributor
  • list-itemSimple ICT management, with 1 supplier
  • list-itemView is a perfect addition to the Smart Office concept
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GoBright View - Digital Signage - Narrowcasting - Standard templates
Standard widgets

A standard widget is an information block that consists of ‘ fixed ‘ or ‘dynamic’ content.

  • list-itemFixed content such as texts, images, and videos
  • list-itemDynamic content such as weather forecasts, clock, traffic reports and current news
GoBright View - Digital Signage - Narrowcasting - Custom Widgets
Custom widgets

A custom widget is an information block that consists of ‘customer specific’ content. Custom widgets are programmed and often linked to the companies own IT systems.

  • list-itemProgram your own widgets linked to for example SharePoint, Power BI and planning tools
  • list-itemKnowledge HTML, CSS or Javascript is required
GoBright View - digital signage - responsive slides
Responsive slides

A slide is a template to post the desired widgets. Responsive slides means that the slides adjust themselves to different screen resolutions. They even adjust themselves vertically (portrait) or horizontally (landscape). Making new slides is easy and intuitive.

GoBright View - digital signage - Playlists

A Playlist consists out of one or more slides. The slides are planned on the playlist on a specific time or order.

  • list-itemPlannable on one, several or all screens in the building
  • list-itemPlannable at one or more, repetitive times and dates
GoBright View - digital signage - Zones

Various playlists can be shown at the same time on one single display.

  • list-itemProvides even more flexibility in content planning
  • list-itemIdeal to combine for example fixed and dynamic content
GoBright View - Digital Signage - Narrowcasting - Channels

Switching (automatically) between different channels.

  • list-itemIn case of emergency automatically
  • list-itemBy touching a display
GoBright View - digital signage - narrowcasting -


The power of the GoBright platform

Functional data from Meet, Work & Visit can be shown on various screens in the office building, via the View software.


Show actual workplace availability on each floor. If everything is occupied, refer employees to another floor.

Desk occupation

Overview of (actual) desk occupation rates. Know in advance which days are crowded or quiet.

Welcoming visitors

If a visitor registers himself and checks in, meeting details and location will be shown on the screen.

Historical data

Share data (occupancy rates, no-shows, number of visitors in the building, etc.) from the GoBright portal with all employees.


Integrate route information to the rooms.

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